A Blog Was Born

I may sound like a Bratz Doll when I say this but I really do possess a passion for fashion and always have done.  During the Summer of 2014 I decided to work more hours in my part-time job which meant I had more money to spend on outfits, much to my parents’ disgust.  Winning the position of the Fashion Role Model Ambassador in work also led to thoughts of “I need a new outfit for every day of the week” and “I’ve been pictured in this outfit before, I can’t be caught dead in it for at least three months”.  I loved taking photos of my outfits and Instagramming them each week, but that didn’t seem enough for me and since the rise of the blogger was becoming a hot topic around the same time, I wanted a piece of the action.  However, I am the Queen of Procrastination and before I knew it, Spring 2015 had arrived and I had hit a stage in my life where I was crying at least once a day or found myself lost and lonely even with so many friends, my family and my boyfriend around me.  My dream of creating a fashion and food blog was put on hold.  In June 2015 I lost my beloved Granda who I cannot sing the praises of enough.  The kindest, funniest, most hard-working gentleman and I had the pleasure of being his “petal”.  The suddenness of Granda’s passing hit my family and me very hard, maybe harder than we even realised.  I found myself getting angry at the most stupidly small things, I cried all the time, I wasn’t the same person I had been… It took me until September 2015 to visit my doctor to talk about how I was feeling.  I was told I was suffering from anxiety, and not in the Kardashian manner of “omg you’re giving me really bad anxiety”.  Anxiety isn’t pleasant but I’ve overcome it and feel like myself again!

Summer of 2014 seemed to be a ground-breaking year for discoveries about myself.  It was during August that year when I found out I was gluten-intolerant (cry for me).  For those of you who don’t fully understand what being gluten intolerant entails, it means that I should avoid all foods containing wheat, barley and rye because they contain the protein ‘gluten’.  If I ever eat the dreaded thing it leads to a stomach which could pass for being five months pregnant, a bad taste in my mouth for days, loss of appetite and seriously painful indigestion.  Fortunately for people who are gluten-intolerant, we don’t have it as bad as people who suffer from Coeliac disease which is an autoimmune disease and can have serious effects on the body.  I basically had to change my diet and say my goodbyes to my favourite foods – bread, pasta and pizza – and say hello to their gluten free versions which are as dry as the Sahara and not as enjoyable as the real thing.  Two and half years later and I’m seeing this diagnosis as a good thing because I have learned that I have zero willpower when it comes to saying no to food.  No doughnuts, no nice biscuits, no large take away pizzas (gluten free pizzas only come in small).  I have educated myself in how to make the yummiest meals and treats, minus the gluten.  I’ll begin posting recipes as soon as possible! Did you enjoy your science lesson?

Soooo… With the support of my boyfriend, friends and family, I have finally gained the confidence to start my fashion and food blog.  I can’t wait to share outfit posts, gluten free recipes and goodness with you all! Here we have it, a blog has been born.


Katie x

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2 thoughts on “A Blog Was Born

  1. Well done to you Katie , I wish you all the very best of luck in your new venture. I know you will be a great success x🍾🍾☘️☘️
    Lots of love lisa x


  2. Great first entry and beautiful photos am so pleased for you. Well done for talking about some really difficult things xx


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