Coppi Belfast

When my parents asked where I wanted to have my 22nd birthday meal it was an easy decision… Coppi was the top of my list.  In the heart of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, St Anne’s Square, Coppi’s menu follows in the fashionable footsteps of its surroundings. 

With its authentic yet contemporary take on Italian specialities, AND with a choice of gluten free dishes my taste buds were tingling.

What we ate

To start – My parents had the “Antipasti Sharing Board” which included fresh sourdough bread, tapenade, duck ravioli, buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and mixed pickled veg.

Coppi 3

I had the spiced pork and fennel sausage Cichetti and my sister had the crispy squid with chilli and garlic aioli Cichetti, which is a small Italian tapas dish.

Coppi 2

Main Courses – The Roast Wild Hake with potatoes, olives, basil in a prawn cream was the dish I had my eye on before I had even walked through the door of Coppi.  I’m not a huge fan of black olives but I barely even noticed them in this beautiful meal… the rest of the flavours complimented them perfectly. 

Coppi 4

The Calabrese Sausage Risotto was my Mummy’s choice. There was only one word to describe this dish…outstanding.  After tasting it I thought that if I hadn’t started with the spicy pork and fennel sausages, I would have ordered this main- not that I didn’t enjoy the roast hake! It was a taste sensation and we all kept stealing more of Mummy’s food when she turned her head.

Coppi 6

Daddy ordered a three cheese Pizzetta (a mini pizza) with a side of garlic potatoes and thoroughly enjoyed both! He was worried that he may still be hungry and ordered an extra side of parmesan fries but by the third slice of Pizzetta he was far from it.

Coppi 7

Olivia chose the Smoked Chicken Tortellini which looked delicious but unfortunately I couldn’t taste it because she had the gluten filled version!


Mummy and I were beyond full up so passed on dessert, but Olivia and Daddy ordered a Coppi’s classic Italian Tiramisu which looked divine.  I was green with envy that I couldn’t try it.

What we drank

A simple bottle of Sicilian Pinot Grigio complimented everyone’s meal perfectly.


Staff were happy to help with any questions and highly attentive.  I can’t recommend Coppi enough.  If you’re looking for somewhere different to try the next time you’re heading out for dinner, choose Coppi…you won’t regret it.

Click here for Coppi’s website and further information



Katie x


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