Ladies Day at Magners Derby Day

Attending Ladies Day at Down Royal Races is something I’ve always wanted to do but never expected I would acquire the opportunity.  But this past weekend, I got to experience the sought after day in the best way possible.  As we pulled up to the event, there was already an array stunning outfits!

All the girls

Dining in the Guinness suite, surrounded by NI’s most beautifully fashionable women at the table…I kept thinking, “have I had too much gin already and started to hallucinate?”

Led by the ultimate girl boss, Cathy Martin, the day was filled with laughter, connecting with new friends, and umpteen photographs that HAD to be Instaworthy.  Each of the girls at our table deserved some sort of award for their amazing outfits, each styled in their own unique way to showcase personal style.

What I Wore:

The weeks leading up to Down Royal were full of excitement.  An amazing brand had approached me about a collab.  My dress was sent out and I was feeling prepared.  However, the days before the races, I turned into a big stress mess.  My dress and head piece still hadn’t arrived by Friday and as you can imagine I was a negative Nancy.  “I have nothing to wear”, “The day is ruined”, “I’m going to look ridiculous!”


My mummy came to the rescue!  Driving to my Granny and Granda’s house, a fascinator was found.  I thought it was plain and too simple for me, although my sister and mummy had the wise idea of taking the fascinator to a florist to have some flowers added to create a look that was more “me”.  The Cedar Tree in Ballyclare, kindly added some flowers and truly saved the day.  I felt so confident with my head piece!

I re-wore my graduation outfit from last year, which was a difficult choice because of my fear of repeat offending.  Nonetheless, when you have £30 to your name for the next week, there isn’t really any other choice?


As the day came to a close I didn’t want it all to end.  Not only did it prove NI’s love for style and getting dolled to the nines, but it showed me the support that women in power in fashion share with one another.  #girlgang

Me, Melissa, Tiffany

Oh, did I mention there were horses racing?

Thanks to the gorgeous Cathy Martin for inviting me to one of the most stylish events with the most amazing girls.


Katie x

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