BPerfect Tan Review

A tan is something I could never live without.  I can’t go more than 3 days without fake tan.  Some may call it an addiction, I call it a necessity.  I’m not one for sunbeds, truly because I have watched Final Destination too many times…therefore they scare the s**t out of me.  In addition, I also fear that they age the skin a lot faster as well as increasing health risks.

BPerfect Cosmetics are a local brand who I’ve followed the success of, yet I’ve never had the chance to get my hands on a bottle of their highly talked about Dark Watermelon Tan until now.

Pre Tan Prep:

The day before putting fake tan on I make sure I have the remains of last week’s tan scrubbed off using my favourite body scrub or a loofah.

The day of tanning I avoid moisturiser.  However, an hour or two before putting tan on I would moisturise my elbows, ankles, knees and face to avoid that patchy, darkness that can be a result of fake tanning drier areas of the skin.

My Before and After:


During Tan:

I usually start from my feet up when I’m tanning. Spritz BPerfect onto your mitt (preferably the BPerfect velvet tanning mitt) and rub onto the feet and ankles.  After that I sprayed directly onto my skin, rubbing in circular motions to avoid streaks.  Repeat this all over your body, spritzing onto the mitt when you tan your hands and face.

Post Tan upkeep:

BPerfect dries within 10 seconds, so there is no waiting around your room/ bathroom naked for 30 minutes until you can throw your pyjamas on.

I find it best to use BPerfect at night and have a shower in the morning.  An amazing thing about BPerfect is the fact that the water doesn’t turn orange and brown when you rinse it off!

After every shower, ensure that you moisturise to keep your tan even and natural.  I found that perfect lasted up to a week before I felt the need to scrub it off and start again!


Fake tans always have a reputation for having that “curried biscuit” smell to them.  I had heard from other bloggers that Dark Watermelon did not smell.  I found it had a slight fake tan scent after my first shower, but that’s nothing a spritz of perfume couldn’t cover! After my second shower the light scent had worn off and my skin smelled like flowers again (because all girls smell like a field of flowers, ok?)

The Final Decision:

I cannot praise this tan enough! The first time I wore it I had work then had to rush to an event.  Within my first hour at work I was flooded with compliments about the colour of my tan! As you can imagine, by the end of the day my head could barely fit through the door.  It’s natural, just off a plane from two weeks in Spain shade was so gorgeous.  I’ve had my bottle of Dark Watermelon

This is my weekly go-to tan that’ll I will be highly recommending to anyone on the hunt for a new tan.  Priced at £24.99, this is a treat! I have the shade Dark Watermelon because I like to look more tanned, but BPerfect also sell a lighter shade, Medium Coconut.

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Katie x

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