Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry is always a meal I can add lots of chicken and vegetables to. My aim is to make a meal last for a few dinner options during the week in a bid to save a few pennies.  This is a recipe that you will most likely have a lot of the ingredients in the cupboard, so it’s cheap and cheerful as well as tasty!


4 Chicken Breasts

1 Onion

1 Red Pepper

1 Green Pepper

1 Yellow Pepper

2 Red Chillies

1 Green Chilli

4 Tbsp Thai Green Curry Paste (if you like it spicier add more paste)

400ml Light Coconut Milk

2 Tbsp Tamari

Portion of Rice or Rice Noodles


Slice the chicken breasts and cook in heated pan with olive oil.

Once the chicken is browning, slice onion, peppers and chillies.

Add 1 Tbsp of Thai green paste and stir in, covering most of the chicken.  Throw the peppers, onion and chilli in the pan.

Pour in 2Tbsp of Tamari and 1 more Tbsp of Thai green paste, then pour the whole tin of coconut milk and stir. Once the coconut milk starts to look brown/ green, add the rest of the Thai green paste and mix well.

I usually turn the heat down and leave the curry to sit for 20 minutes simmering.  After 20 minutes go back and mix everything again.

Instead of plain rice, I prefer rice noodles…these usually take 10 minutes to cook in a saucepan of boiling water. When the noodles are boiled, add them to your Thai green curry and mix through, spreading them out evenly.

Serve in a bowl with a side of Thai crackers (available in all good supermarkets).



Katie x

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