Moments with Monet Hair

Finding the perfect hairdresser is like finding a needle in a haystack.  This is someone you put all your trust in, not only with all the drama you off-load on them but more importantly…your hair.  To some people hair isn’t a major issue.  For blondes, it’s a different story.  There’s the common, controversial phrase that “blondes have more fun”.  When it comes to maintaining your ‘goldie locks’, it is not as fun as once presumed.


The Lisburn Road is now home to one of the newest, most exciting hair salons in the market.  Monet Hair, AKA my new favourite hangout, is home to some of Belfast’s sought after hair stylists, colour specialists and all round babes.  Monet Hair is named after the historically famous artist, Claude Monet.  Patrick’s explanation for this was the fact that himself, his hair stylists and colour experts see hair as an art, they take pride in their work, using the best quality products with love and care.


Owner, Patrick, invited myself and some other bloggers to the launch of the salon at the end of June.  From that night on I knew my visit wasn’t just a one-time nosey around…I saw myself as one of their new clients with hair that had a need for some TLC.

Upon my visit, Patrick welcomed me with a massive smile, sat me down for a catch up on each other’s lives and made me a coffee to waken me up post-work, pre-hair transformation.  Once we had chatted about what we were both getting up to and the usual “DO YOU WATCH LOVE ISLAND?!” Stephen invited me to the hair chair for a consultation.  I obviously showed him the photo of what I wanted my hair to look like and how I thought this could be done.  Bear in mind I am not a hairdresser, have zero skills in styling and definitely no knowledge of hair colouring, Stephen suggested his ideas and he got to work.  For the first time I didn’t feel nervous about the outcome.  I’ve been to many a hair salon, sitting in the chair with cold sweats and the fear that I would be walking out with hair that could be mistaken for a yellow Lady Gaga wig.

Stephen made me feel comfortable the whole time with questions about life, his expectations of my hair and our favourite Britney Spears moments.  When you’re handed Vanity Fair while you wait instead of a copy of ‘Take a Break’ from 3 months ago, you know you’re in for a treat.Patrick acted as the DJ and played some throwback Thursday tunes throughout the salon and we all boogied along.  In what felt like no time at all, I was having the colour washed out and having my hair blow dried.




My hair was dull, brassy, my roots were coming through and the ends were dry.



My new do is bouncy, full of life and the perfect colour for me!


I am loving my healthy looking, freshly coloured hair.  Stephen coloured my hair in a way that means the growth of my roots won’t be as obvious, meaning I won’t have to have my hair coloured once a month, resulting in healthier hair.  It was a win win!

If you still haven’t found a hair salon that makes you feel comfortable, doesn’t make you nervous that you might leave with rainbow hair (unless that’s what you’re going for), then why not try Monet Hair? What’s really special about Monet Hair is their collaboration with one of the country’s top make up brands, Make Up Pro Store (run by Paddy McGurgan)! If you’re heading on a night out you can have a pamper day in Monet, and leave looking like a different person!


Click here to visit their website for prices

Call them to book an appointment on  028 9068 2323



Katie x




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2 thoughts on “Moments with Monet Hair

  1. My mum in particular has been looking around for a hairdressers, as with us it always seems to be hit or miss every time we go. So I will definitely have to mention this to here next time she is looking! Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous and so full of life!


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