Bellamianta Spray Tan

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; life is better with a tan!  Bellamianta kindly invited me to have a spray tan in their new concession within Debenhams located in Castlecourt, Belfast and of course I jumped at the opportunity.

Bellamianta are a brand that have shot to success with their tan.  Originating from Dungannon, the brand took the celebrity and influencer relationship to a new level.  Some of my favourite Irish bloggers use Bellamianta’s products which makes me so excited to have the chance to try out their tan!  The tan team have created a formula containing “natural skin benefiting extracts and odour neautralising technology” in a bid to diversify themselves from competing tanning brands.

The day before my spray tan I used a body brush to scrub off any tan I had on previously, to leave me as white as a ghost in preparation to become a glowing goddess.

Teresa from Bellamianta took on the challenge of my tan transformation and I couldn’t have been happier with her service! Believe it or not, I’m not used to getting my huge B Cups out for the public, but I felt comfortable enough for my spray tan.  We had a mini consultation as to my favourite shade of tan I hoped for and the process of ensuring the tan stays even.  In the end, I went for the ‘Intense Dark’.

Teresa ensured there were no streaks or white patches and gave me the opportunity to judge for myself.  But of course, I was 100% happy with the quality of the product and all areas were even, using tips and tricks I hadn’t even thought of!

Post Spray Tan

I had a wedding to attend the day after my spray tan, but I wasn’t feeling nervous that I would have any streaks or rub off on my dress.  It lasted 5 days before I felt the need to tidy it up.

I was complimented on my tan the whole weekend after the wedding which give me a little boost and confirmed my opinion that Bellamianta tan is as impressive as I had heard from other bloggers.


Final Say

I LOVE this tan!

I’m so impressed with how gorgeous the shade of this tan is! I like to think I look like I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks, but maybe that’s me being optimistic.

Book your spray tan with Bellamianta, Debenhams on 028 90 435536

To purchase other Bellamianta products, visit their website



Katie x



(This post is not sponsored)


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