Changing Scents with the Seasons

Accessorize and Monsoon fragrances are quite the treat.  More and more high street names are releasing fragrances that would remind you of the store, drawing customers back in. The jewellery and clothing brands launched their own fragrances last year, matching each target client with their own impeccable scent.  Get your wish list at the ready, you may want to add these perfumes to it! 


As the seasons change, it’s always nice to have a new scent wear. I’m never one to buy the same perfume twice unless it’s affordable OR one I know I’ll use time and time again (I’m a Marc Jacobs kind of girl).

Monsoon’s fragrance Rose Gold is a warm scent with touches of fruit, zesty lemon and an underlying vanilla aroma.  Ideally, this scent would be worn through the winter evenings.  It’s perfect for a Christmas party fragrance and the bottle is just the right size for your party clutch!


Get your bottle here

Accessorize Lovelily is fresh and floral based with a fruity hint.  Lovelily is the impeccable fragrance to keep the summer vibes alive as the season transitions into autumn.


Find out more about Lovelily here



Katie x



(This post is not sponsored. I was gifted these fragrances, but all opinions are my own).

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