The Bikini Diaries

Growing up, my beauty and body inspirations were always Victoria’s Secret models.  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel, Izabel Goulart, Adriana Lima; you name the angel, I aimed to be them. However, in the past few years as my body has changed, my body goals have altered.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think the named models are stunning, despite that I don’t look up to them any longer. I’ve realised I’m never going to be 5’11, nor will I ever drop to a size 6…basically because I love food too much.

In today’s society we talk about body confidence daily.  Let’s be honest, no one will ever be 100% happy with their body but you can learn to love your lumps and bumps! Whether you’re a size 6 or a size 16, if you’re happy and feel healthy, you should embrace it.

Major DON’Ts:

Do not deprive yourself of food. Don’t deny yourself that cheesy pizza, eat it and enjoy it…pizza loves you back.

Do not do fad diets.

Do not be unrealistic.

Do not compare yourself to others.

Do not say no to exercise altogether. Yes, this point may contradict the rest, nevertheless, exercise is still important for a healthy mind! It releases endorphins that lends a helping hand to your mood.

As a 22 year old woman, who do I admire?

Best friends, business women, models Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman

tash and dev

Plus Size model, business woman Ashley Graham

ashley g

Supermodel, Presenter, Chef, mother Chrissy Teigen

chrissy t


Top 5 Bikinis

I’ve narrowed down my five favourite bikinis I wore on my holiday.  These are the bikinis I felt comfortable and body confident in, as well as fashionable.


The tan lines I got from this Boohoo Bikini were laughable, but its super cute so who cares?



I posted the middle image on Instagram and my mummy almost had a fit. I assure you I AM wearing a bikini! This snake print Missguided bikini is perfect for repairing those scallop shaped tan lines.



Pretending I was half mermaid in this Primark bikini top.



I spotted this high legged number on a babe I follow on Instagram and HAD to have it. The blue bikini came all the way from China and cost less than £15!



This could quite possibly be my favourite bikini I had ever owned. It’s simple yet sexy, flattering and super comfortable. Teaming the ASOS two piece with a headscarf and vintage sunglasses gave my whole look that perfect retro vibe.


If you struggle with body confidence, let me know how you have beat the haters and stood up to stereotypes.



Katie x





(This post is not sponsored. I purchased all of the goods photographed.)

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