Pop Notch Popcorn

Not to sound corny, but this popcorn truly is Pop Notch! Girls’ night in? Afternoon snack? Tesco now stock Pop Notch so you are sorted.

The NI born brand are a hit because of their diverse flavours. Two of my favourite treats would be marshmallows and popcorn. Pop Notch have come up with MARSHMALLOW FLAVOURED POPCORN. Sorry, I’ll calm down now. But you must understand my excitement each time I see it in Tesco and can’t help but buy it! Other flavours include the divine Salted Caramel, Sweet and Salty and for parents trying to find a snack to keep the kids satisfied, Pop Notch have snack size Apple, Banana or Strawberry packets!


Pop Notch popcorn is gluten free too so there is I don’t have to worry about having a very sore tummy for the sake of my favourite snack.

So, with their gluten free, yummy, treaty flavours of popcorn it really is a win win!


Now available in Tesco stores
Shop online

Visit the Pop Notch website for more information

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