West Coast Cooler Fashion Week – AW17 Part 3

The final blog post of my Belfast Fashion Week is upon us.  The Saturday of Fashion Week saw the very first ‘F Word Brunch’, discussing fashion, fitness, food and the female body; it’s the perfect girly day out! 

Aisling Gallagher, Katie Andrew

Recently opened, Babel, located in Bullitt Hotel, provided us with some of the yummiest brunch options in Belfast starting with fresh, natural yoghurt, fruit and Linwoods flaxseed for the gluten-free guests or granola for those with a blessed stomach. This was followed by Flahavans porridge oats, then an array of filled brioche baps – or the gluten free bread option – as we listened to 5 wonderful women chat about all things female!

The Team


Cathy Martin

The face behind CMPR, AKA the ultimate girl boss. Cathy shared stories relating to everyone’s tips and tricks regarding food, fitness and the female body. We were treated to some fashion tips and where to buy the hottest trends for AW 17.

Tiffany Brien

Tiffany is NI’s top fitness blogger, constantly inspiring me to get off my bum and do some exercise. The busy bee is on the go 24/7, her Instagram grid and stories make me feel tired just watching her. Tiffany recently released the Fit Body Bible, finally letting us in on how to gain a body like her’s!

Fiona McCartan (Gluten Free Fi)

I’m happy to admit this, but the first time I was at an event that Fiona was also in attendance of, I fangirled like never before. A fellow food blogger introduced my nervous little self to Fi and her humour made me feel so relaxed. Fiona suffers from coeliac disease which means she HAS to avoid gluten at all costs to avoid serious sickness. You can search some super yummy, gluten free recipes on her website or if you want to know why her marriage is absolute goals filled with laughs and prosecco, you can follow her on Instagram.

Kim Constable (The Sculpted Vegan)

Kim is a mum of four, who home schools, finds time for the gym, runs a website and provides tips on a vegan lifestyle. One tip that always comes to mind when I look back on the brunch was that “eating 30g of protein within half an hour of waking up aids weight loss.” That could be 3 boiled eggs (for the non-vegans) or a protein shake. Honestly, I’m yet to try this but when I do I’ll update you on the progress. You can check out Kim’s website here.

Maria Rafferty (The Hormone Health Coach)

I had previously heard of Maria, but hadn’t looked into her work. I am genuinely annoyed at myself for not doing so. Since the brunch, I stalk her Instagram daily to check any facts Maria posts in order to gain more information on how my body should be working. I feel like schools should employ Maria to educate young girls on the truth about our bodies! Whether it’s the dreaded monthly flow, fertility or facts about the female organs, I am in awe of Maria’s knowledge. Maria specialises in Maya massages and helping woman who are suffering from fertility issues. To find out more, check out Maria’s website.

Maria Rafferty, Kim Constable, Tiffany Brien, Fiona McCartan


Katie x




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