Taking Time Off

With Christmas just a few days away and a New Year about to begin, my little head is about to combust. I’ll be taking a break from writing and taking photos until January 1st.


Not enough new clothes

Yes, it’s true, a blogger’s wardrobe isn’t full of new clothes every week. Well, mine isn’t anyway. There comes a point when you have to stop online shopping for clothes and start shopping for sensible things like homeware and trips away. I will 100% begin online shopping on Christmas day when sales start and those pieces I’ve been eyeing up can finally make their way into my wardrobe – at a reduced price.


Taking care of mental health

Sometimes you need a break. I feel emotional whilst I write this post, but for good reasons. I haven’t had a bad spell of anxiety for a while now and thank goodness for that! It’s important to look after your mental health the same as you would your physical health. This break is good thing, a positive way of looking forward to the new year with fresh eyes.

The Instagram buzz

The majority of my posts on Instagram are taken on my iPhone. However, I have asked Santa for a camera for Christmas, and judging by my good behaviour this year, I’m feeling pretty positive he’ll bring it. I have a post planned for January all about Instagram themes and how an app used for escapism can cause so much stress.

Fresh content

Writing blog posts has flared a passion in me I never knew existed. Each post is written, comes from the heart. E.g. posts such as this one are like diary entries. I’m getting things off my chest!


New house

Check back to a past post, Moving Home. I’m moving out again! I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m ready to go again, and this time, hopefully it’s my last move out of my parents’ house. Living at home has allowed the bank account to look healthier, with some saving along the way. At the ripe old age of 22, it’s time to “adult” – whatever that means.

Supporting local

I am a big advocate of supporting local companies and brands. It gives me a sense of pride to help them along their journey to success. I’ll always jump at an opportunity to work with a local company. As this year comes to a close, I remember a few lessons along the way. One of those lessons is to support genuine, local companies who would want to support you along the same journey. I have a found a number of local brands only wanting to work with big name – yes I’m about to use the dreaded word – “influencers” in Northern Ireland. I’ve really noticed how smaller bloggers are taken for granted; it’s upsetting to see. Blogging is seen as free advertising to too many brands. A blog is a brand as well and it’s important that this doesn’t go unnoticed!

What to expect from me in 2018

2017 has been a huge year for me, but 2018 is going to be even bigger. Expect brand new content, a new look to my website, more enjoyable photos on my Instagram and some home interior posts. I want to grow my blog and social media channels in 2018, respecting my blog as a brand even more and engaging with readers.


You may think “but you only post one or two blog entries a week”. That’s true, but you don’t see the time and effort that goes into each one, the time spent researching, checking website stats, planning. So for the next week, I won’t be logging on, writing or checking the dreaded statistics.

Thank you for all your support, for reading my posts and engaging with me over the past 11 months. I’ll see you next year!


Dress- Topshop Boutique

Sunglasses – sold out, see similar pair here 

Boots – sold out, see similar pair here 

Photos by Lucy’s Lens Photography


Katie x

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One thought on “Taking Time Off

  1. I love every word written, and definitely understand the pressures of blogging and social media, especially if things are happening in our ‘real lives’

    Yes to the bloggers who don’t have 20k on IG not getting a fair bite of the cherry, but you are a beautiful soul who will do great things!


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