Setting Realistic Resolutions

When we talk about New Year’s Resolutions, people often quote “new year, new me”. For the majority of January, if something new is bought or something different happens, it’ll be “new year, new house” or “new year, new phone” and so on. In relation to New Year’s Resolutions, what will you be changing as we enter into 2018?

Making realistic resolutions

Telling yourself no chocolate, eat healthier, join the gym, will more than likely last a month and half, if not less. Creating a list of resolutions is all about setting yourself achievable goals that you can aim to reach in 2018, rather than depriving yourself of food and fun times.


Save money

Whether it’s £50 or £500, saving money each month will make a difference when you need money to buy that special something for your house, pay for a trip or need to dip in to help you through a tough month.

Value yourself

A lesson I was taught in 2017 that I plan on making my top objective in 2018. Know your worth when it comes to work, relationships and general life. Aibleen Clark states in The Help, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important!”

Don’t take people for granted

Whether it’s friends, family, work colleagues or even someone trying to help you, don’t take the person for granted. We never know what tomorrow holds and it is key not to regret anything you said or did in the heat of the moment. It’s nice to be nice.

Plan trips

Remember the money you plan on saving? It could come in handy for this goal. Buy yourself a scratch map in the January sales and mark off everywhere you have been! As Hilaire Belloc once said, “We wander for distraction, but travel for fulfilment.”

Grow your skill set

If you’re bored, try a new hobby. If you’re unhappy in your job, find a new one. If you want to improve your CV, take a new class. Personally, I want to grow my blog, therefore I will be publishing new content relating to home interiors, new recipes in my food section, and as a gift to my blog on its one year anniversary, a new look.


I’d love to know your New Year’s Resolutions, send them my way!



Katie x

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