Breaking a Sweat in Peak Label Apparel

If you’re a gym bunny, a marathon runner, a yogi or simply enjoy relaxing in comfy gym clothes, then Peak Label Apparel are the brand to watch.


Peak Label Apparel was established in 2017 by Ryan, and brothers Irwin and Elliott.  It all began when the three boys moved from little old Ballyclare to start a life in Australia. In Australia they became keen gym goers and started training daily. With training came the interest in nutrition and the benefits to the body.

Peak Label was originally started to supply nutrition plans, under the name Peak Fit Nutrition. However, when the boys moved home to Northern Ireland, they found a niche in the market for a local fitness clothing brand.

Peak Label has supplied great quality gym and lifestyle wear to men across the UK and further afield for almost a year. 2018 is going to be an even bigger year with the launch of their women’s range!

Peak Label kicked off the New Year in style with the release of the long awaited women’s lifestyle and fitness collection. The quality of the clothes is better than big name active-wear brands, for only a fraction of the price. There’s something about buying new gym clothes that acts as a motivator, pushing you to do that work out.


The Quarter zip top


The Leggings


The Leisure t-shirt


The Coat

Visit their website


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One thought on “Breaking a Sweat in Peak Label Apparel

  1. This apparel looks so comfortable! Your completely right as well buying new gym-wear really motivates you and makes working out that much more enjoyable! I must check out their website! Also these pictures are stunning!!


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