Why I’m Giving Up on a Dreamy Theme on Instagram

Do you follow bloggers, celebrities and big names on Instagram and think “waow, how do all of their photos have the same colour palette? Gorge” I know I say this to myself…ALL THE TIME.

Locations of such wonderful Instagram accounts include: white, Victorian style houses on the streets of Chelsea, the cobbled streets of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, Santorini streets and even sandy beaches in Bali.  For those lucky enough to live or travel to these beautifully Instagrammable scenes, congratulations, you’re a winner at InstaLife and life in general.

So, why have a given up trying to achieve a theme on the grid?

Instagram is the social media platform I focus on growing the most. Apart from the dreaded algorithm, it still provides the most engagement with followers out of all the platforms I share my blog on. So, obviously you would think I would aim for all of the photos I post to look the same when it comes to location, lighting and colours.


I recently got an Olympus Pen EL8 and do nothing but take photos of my house or make up or the outfits I’m wearing. Before the Olympus Pen, I was using my iPhone or asking my friend, Melissa, to take an outfit photo with her camera when we were at events.


More and more bloggers are revealing how they edit their photos to make them “Insta-worthy”. A major player in the editing game is Face Tune. You may have heard of it before in relation to Kylie Jenner’s airbrushing. However, there are ways to perfect your photo on the app. My problem with Face Tune – and you may think I’m a cheap biatch for this – is the cost. When I search for apps in the App store and see anymore than £0.99 beside it, I run and hide. I don’t want to have to pay £3.99 to brighten my photo? Maybe I’m crying over £3.99 because it’s January, so I’ll come back to you on pay day and let you know if I bit the bullet and bought it.

I use VSCO Cam to add the same filter to each of my photos. Although,they still don’t flow on the grid. Annoying, I know, but if I start adding a different filter to each photograph I post, it’ll look even worse! Any tips are welcome.



I’m heading to London this weekend and plan on taking photographs galore! Taking advantage of the beautiful streets and highly Instagrammable cafes and restaurants. On the other hand, I live in Belfast where all bloggers take photographs in the same locations. I don’t want my followers to get bored, therefore, I try to change it up and explore new backgrounds, streets and even rooms of the house to create new content.

Working with Multiple Photographers

You might already know this, or have even noticed it…but I’m a huge fan of working with photographers. Years ago, I used to model and absolutely loved the photo shoot life! I see working with photographers a way of jumping back into that industry. Each photographer I work with has a different style and I love each individual style SO much. Nonetheless, this means I won’t have a flowing “theme” on Instagram because the use of colours is different and the type of camera isn’t the same. These points don’t really bother me though; it’s fun to have a few contrasting images, I feel like followers get something new to enjoy.

Lucy’s Lens Photography– the ultimate blogging photographer. Lucy uses clean, bright photographs, using natural lighting and editing skills.

Jamie Toal– loves to use colour, warm tones and exposes as much of these as possible when shooting.

Nikki Johnston– uses natural lighting in a beautiful way. I love working with Nikki so much; I’m pushing her to think about starting a photography business!

I could write a blog post for each photographer, but I’ve decided to keep today’s descriptions short and sweet.


Maybe in years to come, when I blog full-time, my Instagram theme will fall into place.

Can you relate?


Katie x


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One thought on “Why I’m Giving Up on a Dreamy Theme on Instagram

  1. For me personally I have given up on attempting an instagram theme at all, my photos are a bit sporadic and the style is all over the place but I absolutely love scrolling through them and I feel that the colours represent my bubbly personality.

    I however love seeing other accounts instagram themes! Some are absolutely stunning and I do envy how in sync and gorgeous their feed looks!

    I loved seeing the different photographers you have used and their styles and photography! Would love to see a blog post on them 🙂


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