Kat in a Hat

Hats. Life-savers when you haven’t had the time to wash your hair or you’re having a bad hair day, great for keeping the noggin warm and an all year round accessory. They’re the cherry on top!

2017 seemed to be the year of the hats, and in the past there have been massive hat trends as well! I’m hoping the top accessory stays in fashion in 2018 because I’m dying to add more to my collection. I’m obsessed with styling outfits with them as a stand-out feature. Without further ado, let’s discuss hat styles.

The Baker Boy

This type of is like Marmite…you either love it or hate it. I’ve heard a few comments about people looking like train conductors when wearing them. But I’m a lover of this trend. They’re perfect for adding a fashionable vibe to a casual outfit.

Way to wear:

Knee high boots, checked blazer, cute skirt and the baker boy hat.

Fluffy jacket, leather leggings, trainers and the baker boy hat.

Bloggers who wear it best:

Gals Goss and Niamh Serena

The Beret

If you’re going for a Parisian look, this is the hat for you. AND it makes the perfect pun – “I’m beret obsessed with this hat!” I apologise for my bad jokes…I’m 99.9% sure I’m the only one that laughs.

Ways to wear:

Day dress, heeled boots and a beret.

Striped top, leather skirt, trainers and a beret.

Bloggers who wear it best:

The Little Magpie and Alice Catherine

The Fedora

Once upon a time, I saw this as the “it girl” hat. It gives a super glamorous feel to any outfit, and is perfect for hiding sleepy eyes.

Ways to wear:

Printed skirt, jumper, leather jacket, boots and a fedora.

Biker boots, skinny jeans, jumper, scarf, coat, sunglasses and a fedora.

Bloggers who wear it best:

Emma Jane Mooney and Love Lauren

The Beanie

The laid-back or hipster hat. Perfect for chilly days, casual weekends and making an outfit that tiny bit more urban.

Ways to wear:

Denim jacket, jumper, cute skirt, boots and a beanie.

Culottes, bodysuit, puffer jacket, trainers and a beanie.

Bloggers who wear it best:


Melissa Riddell and Isabella Thornton


What’s your favourite type of hat?



Katie x

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One thought on “Kat in a Hat

  1. I’ve always been slightly scared of wearing a hat that isn’t a baseball cap or winter bobble hat. My ears always stick out so I’ve become quite conscious of the fact they do even if my best friend tells me a thousand times I could rock any hat, I always set them back down >.< Your fashion photos are always amazing, and it's making me want to invest in an Olympus all the more! Love each outfit and you have paired the hat to the style so well!


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