Happy 1st Birthday Baby Blog!

This week marks one whole year of Katie Andrew The Blog…can you believe it? I can’t. The past year has flown in. I’ve met some of the best people ever, been introduced to a whole different world, worked with amazing brands, and learned so much not only about myself, but the industry itself.


Blogging is a way to express my fascination with fashion, food and life lessons. I’ve noticed how writing and posting blog entries helps my anxiety, how engagement on social media is so much more important than the number of followers you have, and how PR communication is so much bigger than I had once anticipated.

Lessons I have learned

Respecting yourself

Valuing your brand and yourself is key in this industry. I’ve seen smaller bloggers (including myself) taken for granted by brands and PR companies. Being sent press releases that are not related to your blog under the assumption that you will share them on your website for nothing in return can be quite insulting. Therefore, I’ve learned the importance in respecting yourself. It’s amazing how much people will gain more admiration from followers and readers.

Be true to yourself

I started off simply writing about my passion for fashion and food. However, over the past year, I have observed positive reactions from creating content about life, problems and general opinions. The blog posts I write, come from the heart and give me such a sigh of relief because I see this as a diary entry.

A hobby could become a business venture

I began blogging due to my flair for my hobbies. That flair and passion for styling, trends, brands will always be my hobby, however, blogging has led to so much more than I ever expected. My eyes have been opened to so much in terms of working alongside brands, how people have respect – and not enough – for bloggers and being paid for your hard work. In the past six months I have started making money from my hobby. You’ll see me #ad on my Instagram which means I’m being paid to advertise. I hope that more brands start to pay smaller bloggers for the amount of effort that goes into taking photos and writing posts!

Never give up

Push yourself. At the last NI Blogger Brunch, I talked about never letting anyone stand in your way and never let anxiety stop you from achieving your goal. I had such amazing feedback about my little chat which makes me feel such an warm sense of pride. Spreading to word about dealing with anxiety truly makes me want to talk about it even more. With friends and even strangers taking me to one side and telling me how much I’ve helped them through things gives me such gratitude.

Speak up

Speak up for yourself, for other bloggers, for what you believe in. Whether it’s addressing an issue, introducing yourself to brands you want to work with or disagreeing with something, speaking up can lead to positive acknowledgment from your audience. As long as you do so in a professional manner, don’t be afraid to express yourself.


Thank you for all your support over the past year. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the people reading my blog and engaging with me on my social media channels. I am ecstatic to see what the next year holds for my little blog and me.

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Katie x

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