Mother’s Day Gift Guide with B&M Bargains

The time of year to show our mummy how much we love her is here again! Although it’s only one out of 365, Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to make up for causing them stress the rest of the year. I’ve compiled some perfect gifts from B&M Bargains to add to your to buy list!

I’m not one for buying a single present, no matter what the occasion. It’s important to put thought into gifts. For instance, I always create a gift box or a bag of gifts with meanings for most of the pieces inside. B&M Bargains was the perfect shop to purchase some of my Mother’s Day gift bag contents.

What did I get?


Vintage Style Photo Frame


Buying 8 of the same/ similar photo frames seems tedious and expensive. Why not invest a whole £6.99 on a multi-photo frame? This gorgeous vintage style frame will look perfect in the hallway, filled with photographs of mummy’s favourite child – Alfie, the dog.


You can never have enough and neither can your mummy. I inherited my love for Yankee Candles from Mama Bear. When I saw the variety and the ridiculously competitive price in B&M Bargains, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I maybe even treated myself to a few when I was there.

Wax Melt Pot

My parents recently redecorated their living room. It’s now cosy room goals with a blue and checked theme! I thought this little blue wax melt pot would look perfect giving off some sweet scents on their coffee table.


Cute Mason Jars

They can be used for storing biscuits, flour, sweets or tea lights. I thought this particular one was gorgeous with the heart detail in the glass and especially the blue lid – another gift that would match my parents’ new living room theme! At only £2.99, who could resist?

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate!

If you didn’t buy your mum chocolate for Mother’s Day, is she really your mum? This box of 5 Crème Eggs was only £1.99! I’m just hoping she doesn’t eat them all before Easter!

The All Important Card

B&M Bargains had a wide variety of Mother’s Day cards; be it humorous, sentimental or mushy. I picked up one that described something else I inherited from my beloved mother- her love for prosecco!


Find your closest B&M store here

Shop the above gifts online



Katie x



(This is not a sponsored post. I was gifted B&M vouchers to purchase products of my choice)

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