Road to Recovery

Three weeks into recovering from an appendectomy, I wanted to share what’s been going on.

Sunday 18th February

A cold morning, I woke up early to attend the Ni Blogger Brunch. I’d been preparing for it the whole weekend – I even drove to my friend’s birthday the night before! Shock, horror!

I was driving home to see my parents when I started feeling horrendously sick. Not a nauseous feeling, more like a bug coming on. Originally, I started to think I had been ‘glutened’ at the brunch, but this didn’t feel like any gluten attack I had suffered before. Once I had reached Mummy and Daddy’s house, the pains got worse. Luckily, my auntie is my GP and knew straight away when I described my symptoms that it was appendicitis. Straight to A&E I went!

I’m still pretty shocked at how fast everything happened. At 1 o’clock the pains started, by 4 o’clock I was in hospital being seen by nurses in triage and by 9.30pm I was in surgery. The appendectomy took longer than expected because of the state my appendix was in. I woke up post-op around 1am, feeling slightly loopy – but what’s new, eh? Wheeled back to my ward in the bed, wearing my not so glamorous surgical gown, for a sleepless night. The next day, the pain was awful, but I was a lucky girl minus an exploding appendix!

I was sent home from hospital two days later in preparation to begin my road to recovery.

Week 1 was painful and filled with love and care at home. At the ripe old age of 22, I had to sleep in my mummy’s room, have help showering and was not allowed to lift a finger. Believe it or not, letting someone else do absolutely everything for you is difficult. I’ve realised how independent I am since my operation.

Week 2 was less painful, full of tiredness and boredom. Starting to feel more alive, I wanted to do more for myself but under my mummy’s roof that was forbidden. By the end of the second week I was feeling so much better and more than ready to go back to work…until the weekend. The real tiredness kicked in when I tried to fall back into a routine.

Week 3 meant biting the bullet and going back to work. I’m so lucky that the company I work for are so caring. I was given the option to work from home when I wasn’t feeling well enough to go into the office. Working from home for a couple of days REALLY helped with fighting tiredness and the nausea.

At time of writing, I’m feeling 10x better, still very tired but I’ve lived the majority of my life tired so hey ho! The scars are healing very well – apart from the ugly one below my poor bellybutton, however, it’s nothing a bit of Bio-Oil won’t fix! The tiredness I am feeling is not like my usual “ugh, I’m tired” *6 hours sleep* type. Apparently, this is the anaesthetic making its way out of my system and it’ll be a bummer for a while. The care, love, messages and presents I have received over the past three weeks has made me feel incredibly lucky to have the most supportive bunch of people in my life.


If you’re worried that you may be suffering from appendicitis, check your symptoms here

So, there you have it: why I have been quiet recently. Forgive me.





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