Learning about Ibagzy

In one of my first blog posts, I talked about how I’d treat myself to a designer bag when I could afford it. Well, I’m going to let you into a secret that will change your designer bag dreams forever!

Designer bags cost A LOT, let’s face it. I see new Gucci, Chloe, Versace and more designer’s bring out handbags that make me drool. However, I’m not quite ready to drop a grand on one quite yet. Ibagzy, a local company based in Belfast, have come to the rescue.


Ibagzy is a rental service for luxury, designer handbags. Their aim is to offer the most popular designer bags on the market for a fraction of the price and for a limited time. I am a huge fan of the company because:

  1. Niche to Belfast – Ibagzy is the only company in Northern Ireland (that I know of) that hires out current season designer bags
  2. The team are a dream!
  3. It means you don’t have to buy just one designer bag. You can hire sooooo many different styles of luxury bags
  4. Perfect idea for graduation, wedding, trips away or simply a night out.

The lovely ladies at Ibagzy kindly let me borrow the Gucci Dionysus bag to add the cherry on top to my outfits for Belfast Fashion Week. If I had a pound for every compliment I got about the bag, I could afford to buy it from the girls!

PS, their Instagram is one of my favourite pages, follow them here

To find out more about Ibagzy, click here

To see the collections stocked, click here




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