My Favourite Date Night Dinner Spot

Although Caolán and I spend every day together, I still treasure “date night” as a key part of a relationship. We hadn’t been out for dinner and drinks, just the two of us, in so long! On Monday, we decided to head out for a spontaneous date night dinner.

Our favourite restaurant in Belfast is La Taqueria. La Taqueria is a small Mexican restaurant located in the city centre. I take full advantage of margaritas and guacamole each time we go. I advise everyone to order the guacamole and tortilla chips as a starter. The freshly made guac mixed with the three salsas (we mix it ourselves at the table) fills you to perfect level before your main course arrives.


My favourite meal

I’m the ultimate chorizo chick. I add it to everything when I’m cooking. Chorizo Rojo and Chorizo Verde Tacos are the two meals I alternate between in La Taqueria. You would think as a food blogger I would be able to describe meals with words other than super yummy, but these two dishes are SUPER YUMMY. I like to add the hottest salsa to them for an extra kick.


I like to try a different cocktail each time we’re in LT, as well as ordering my all-time favourite, classic margarita. It’s hands down the best spot for margs in Belfast!


Caolán’s favourite meal

Caolán is a meat man. Give him steak and he’ll be as happy as a pig in s***. His top choice in LT is Barbacoa which is shredded beef. His other choice is the steak strip taco. The beef is so soft and full of flavour, I can’t help but steal a bite or two!


Caolán washes his tacos down with a few Dos Equis.

Instead of dessert, we’ll forever opt for a shot of 1800 Coconut Tequila. It is served with a chaser of pineapple juice, chilli and lime juice. I can’t have the chaser because I’m allergic to pineapples, but the tastiness of the tequila makes it easy enough to drink alone!


If you are on the lookout for somewhere new to try, add La Taqueria to your list! The food is amazing, most of the food is gluten-free and the service is second to none!



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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Date Night Dinner Spot

  1. Date night IS super important! You can get so caught up in every day life and go days without a decent conversation with each other! Mexican food is tasty, interactive and delicious!


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