Saturday Night Outfit: Femme Luxe Finery

I’m not a “jeans and a nice top” kind of girl. I like the experiment a bit more, yet still aiming for that skinny trouser and body combo. Leather leggings are an easy way of creating a sexy vibe for a night out without having to get your legs out. These shiny black leggings teamed with barely there heels help to elongate your legs making you look like more of a supermodel!

The lace bodysuit, worn under the white blazer is my new favourite look! I’ve seen this black bodysuit on all of my favourite Instagram influencers lately, so obviously I had to follow the trend.

The white, fitted blazer is going to be great for spring/ summer outfits. I’ll need to be super careful though because wearing white usually ends in disaster! However, I’ll be taking care of this little number. It’s a piece that will come back into fashion again and again.

All of the pieces talked about are from a brand called Femme Luxe Finery. They’re a gorgeous clothes brand that you need to add to your list of online shops!

Buy the leggings

Buy the blazer

Buy the bodysuit

Use my code “KATIEA35” for 35% off your order!


Katie x

This is not a sponsored post and the links are not affiliate, I just add them to be helpful if you want to buy any of the items! I was kindly gifted the clothes x

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