A Weekend of Spring Outfits

Another trip to London ticked off my list. I don’t think I will ever tire of the city. Full of fashion, amazing restaurants to choose from, picturesque scenes, shops galore, the list goes on!

I thought I’d compile my outfits into a blog post, including the one outfit photo from my last trip too!

The Rixo Look-a-Like

I had my eye on this little number from the second I saw it on a top blogger’s Instagram stories. My favourite designer brand is Rixo London and this Topshop dress was 100% by their beauties.

Lady in Red

Caolán bought me this red, denim dress from Monki for my birthday and I’ve worn it every weekend since. It’s perfect for a casual day. I teamed it with these bargain sandals from Primark and a spotted, mesh top from Nasty Gal.

Grease Lightening

Perfect for brunch, I brought a skirt I’ve had for years from Topshop because I simply don’t wear it enough. I’m obsessed with this bright pink head band from Bershka, and an added bonus, it looks fab with the hints of pink in my skirt.

All Black Everything

Believe it or not, this skirt was my mummy’s during the 80s! The lace bodysuit is my gift from Femme Luxe Finery and the shoes are Sam Adelman- my first designer pair!

Travelling in Style

I wore this for travelling, probably not my best idea. I kept tripping when I walked upstairs because the dress was so long (lol). The Style Edit reminded me this was in my wardrobe after they posted a fashionista wearing this outfit on their Instagram.

The Outfit from my Last Trip

Another skirt from my mummy’s wardrobe! The woman has style, what can I say. A super comfy outfit for a day of exploring.

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Katie x

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