Jewellery Brands: Where to Find the Perfect Piece.

You might notice that I don’t wear huge, chunky, bright coloured jewellery. It doesn’t mean my jewellery drawer at my parent’s house isn’t filled with the pieces I picked up through the years; they’ve just been neglected for a long time. I’m recommending my favourite brands to buy gorgeous, classy pieces of jewellery from. Whether you’re thinking of gift ideas for friends, birthday presents to ask for or even just need a treat, jewellery is always a winner! Smaller pieces, lighter chains, pendants and layered necklaces look elegant and tasteful. In no particular order, here are my favourite jewellery brands:

Newbridge Silverware

I wrote a blog post around Christmas time about Newbridge Silverware and I still stick to my word, they were a brand I was missing out on. The ranges they stock are incredible and I fell head over heels for the jewellery I picked up!

Cleo Roze

I work with Cleo Roze quite often and I truly adore the brand. The quality of the jewellery is amazing! Plus, the stunning Louise Cooney is their model.


A local brand from Belfast, Karma offers a huge range of very personal pieces. They often work with a fab charity, AWARE NI. “AWARE is the depression charity for Northern Ireland – and the only charity working exclusively for people with depression and bipolar disorder.”

Betty and Biddy

Betty and Biddy have taken the blogging world by storm! Although I’ve never bought “delicate” jewellery from them, I have treated myself to some gorgeous OTT earrings.


Katie x

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