Iconic Bronze Tan and Tan Eraser Review

Iconic Bronze is a brand I’ve seen all over the Instagram feeds of some of my favourite Irish Bloggers. I was dying to try it, so when an unexpected parcel from them turned up at my door, I was delighted!

Self-Tan Eraser

I had heard so much about this self-tan eraser and I couldn’t wait to try it.

Instructions on the bottle – apply foam generously to dry skin and work up a lather. After 5-10 minutes, gently exfoliate the skin using an exfoliating mitt before washing away any tan residue.

This product was sent from heaven. It’s something every fake tan addict – like myself – need in their lives. It saves so much energy and time! I’ve used the self-tan eraser every weekend since I got my first bottle!

Dark Mousse

I always find it difficult to get a mousse that doesn’t dry the skin. Iconic Bronze maintain that their products are skincare as well as self-tan. Their vision is well and truly proven with their mousse. It smells so yummy as you apply it and doesn’t dry out your skin. I tanned at night and washed it off the morning after. There was a little bit of a “tan” smell but nothing my perfume and moisturiser couldn’t hide. I really liked the colour of the dark mousse, but to go darker for the weekend, I applied a second coat two days after the first one.

Dark Lotion

I can’t describe how incredible the lotion smells when it is being applied. Fingers crossed Iconic Bronze bring out a perfume with the scent! Luckily, there is a guide colour to help you guarantee an evenly spread tan, minus any streaks. I had to stand around for about 10 minutes before putting pyjamas on to ensure it was 100% dry. In the morning, it washed off perfectly in the shower. As I’ve stated in my Top Tips for Tanning post, I moisturise after every shower to maintain an even colour. One thing I will say is, the lotion smells a bit stronger than the mousse after it’s been washed off. It took two or three showers for the tan smell to disappear. The lotion lasted around 5-7 days (impressive) before I decided it was time to use the self-tan eraser.

*I used the Iconic Bronze Luxury Tanning Mitt to apply both tan products.*

Iconic Bronze is sold in Pennies in the South of Ireland and Gordon’s Chemist in Northern Ireland. I’m so impressed with the affordable price of Iconic Bronze products too!


Katie x

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