Rewearing Forgotten Clothes

As a fashion blogger, it can be difficult to keep up with the newest clothes on the market, especially on an intern wage. Since moving out of my parent’s house, my wardrobe size decreased dramatically. After going home to visit them, I hunted through my wardrobe and rediscovered so many clothes I had hidden away!

The past week has been manic with events, work and blog post planning. My aim was to wear old clothes throughout the week. Let me tell you, I haven’t received so many compliments about my outfits in a long time! Maybe it’s a sign…

Lady Katie

I completely forgot how much I loved each of these pieces, but this was the first time I teamed them together. Lace blouse is Topshop, culottes are Zara, bag is Zohara (not that old) and shoes are Topshop (also not that old).

Two Piece in a Pod

I’ve definitely used this pun before in a blog post? This cute two piece is from Band of Gypsies. I haven’t worn it in sooooo long, no idea why!

Peacock Print Wrap Dress

Honestly, this is my second time wearing this dress. I always thought it was a lot more “booby”, which isn’t really a problem for tiny tits over here. The last time I wore it, I was up a mountain in Donegal with my boyfriend’s family…appropriate! I picked this dress up in Topshop’s sale a few years ago.

The Jersey Dress

I am always buzzing when I wear this dress because it’s a size 6 and I am nowhere near a size 6 in day to day life (lol). It’s from Topshop and the espadrilles are from H&M.

White Dress, not so fit for a wedding

Another Topshop dress, can you guess I used to work there? I think this was one of the last things I bought before I left! Last worn in Spain, last year. Adorable and perfect for summer. Bag is Zohara again, my favourite bag brand!

Hope you enjoyed! I always think it’s good to recycle your clothes rather than sell every single thing in your wardrobe.


Katie x

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4 thoughts on “Rewearing Forgotten Clothes

  1. I love all of these outfits! It’s so strange how you go so long without wearing something and then find it again and wonder why you didn’t wear it every other day! Working in an office job I can’t do this as often but maybe on the weekends I’ll try and switch it up and bit and have a nosey for some of my more forgotten pieces and give them a little show time 🙂

    That white dress is absolutely gorgeous!


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