The Sagart – Review

Belfast City Centre has a lack of restaurants supplying light, healthy (ish) meals. I often find myself travelling out of the centre to areas such as the Lisburn Road or Belmont Road for healthier options. However, after visiting The Sagart, based opposite Kelly’s Cellars and its sister restaurant Havana Bank Square, my prayers have been answered.

The Sagart means priest in Irish, which is fitting for a restaurant located between two churches. The theme of the eatery is amazing! The menu offers one side as “sinner meals” and the other side “saint meals”.

Sinner meals are the heavier, more “unhealthy” meals, such as burgers and ribs. The saint meals are much lighter, guilt-free dishes such as salads and fish. The drinks menu follows the same theme with lighter cocktails made with fresh fruits and herbs, including the rhubarb and thyme mojito…my mouth is watering at the thought.

What we ate

Aisling and I decided to order two meals, from the saint side, that we could share.  We ordered the chicken salad with quinoa and a yoghurt dressing, as well as the roast hake with sweet potato fries and normal fries on the side. Both meals were so full of flavour and not one bit of guilt was suffered after!

If you’re in Belfast City Centre and want to try somewhere different, fresh and tasty, I would highly recommend The Sagart.

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Katie x

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