Something New is Coming Your Way

Surprisingly, it isn’t clothes or make-up. It also isn’t the fact I’ve taken up reading books and given up drinking on weekdays (I piled on the pounds).  I’ve been toying with a new content idea on my blog for a while now.

If you have been on my blog during the past week, you might have noticed a new option in the menu – Behind the Brand. This is an idea I had a few months ago and genuinely never got round to adding a new menu option or meeting brands. However, that is all about to change.

The Reasoning for Behind the Brand

As a blogger, I am kindly sent products to review, feature on my social media or as a thanks for attending an event. Featuring the products on my social media is all well and good, and something bloggers love to do, although, it raised a few thoughts, “where did this come from?”, “who created this?”, “why did they create this?” and “who is behind this brand?”. Consequently, a light bulb appeared above my head…”I want to meet the people behind this brand.”

We often forget the amount of hard work that goes into businesses, especially smaller, local brands. I want to allow my readers to get to know more about beauty, food and clothing brands they frequently see on Instagram or written about on blogs.

If you have a beauty, clothing or food brand – or know anyone who owns one – and would like people to find out why you started your business, get in touch with me via I would love to meet for a coffee, or even have a quick phone call!


Katie x

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