Kildare Village Shopping Haul

Holy smokes. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to post a shopping haul from the most luxurious shopping location in Ireland!

Some of you may remember me writing about the NI Blogger Brunch in earlier blog posts. On Sunday, the NI Blogger Brunch went on tour! Kildare Village kindly invited a number of NI bloggers for brunch, painting and a day of shopping. What better way to spend a Sunday?!


We started the day bright and early, setting off from Belfast at 8.30am, reaching Kildare Village at 11.30am. With such great company onboard the coach, the journey flew in. Once we departed the coach, the wonderful staff at Kildare gave us a warm welcome and guided us to the gorgeous restaurant where we found the most stunning dining table displays, as well as paints. A company called Paint by the Pints challenged us to recreated Kildare Village’s beautiful flower wall. I can happily say, my painting was probably the worst out of 74! I have never been good at art, lol.

After our painting session it was time for photo opportunities and shopping, my two favourite activities!

What I got

Here we go…

*As I had mentioned, we were part of the NI Blogger crowd, Kildare kindly gave us gift cards and had organised for some shops to give a little extra discount, however most of the stores in the village already offered extra discount on top of sale prices. All prices for products below are the discounted prices I paid. As you can imagine, I was in my element – bargain hunting!


Irish Blogger Kaelin Fox showed off her Kildare Haul the day before I visited. She had purchased so many Rituals goodies, so obviously I was inspired!


Moisturiser, €12.25

Candle, €13.65

Shower Foam, €5.95

Lip Care, €5.95 – top tip: invest in a good quality lip balm. I could have bought multiple but I held myself back!


One of the products I had on my ‘to-buy’ list before coming down. I looked in multiple stores for the perfect brand and came to a final decision on the Coach card holder.

Card Wallet, €29.95


Another product I had on my list. I’ve wanted a designer pair forever and had waited for the perfect occasion to treat myself. I bought these beauties and spotted a pair of RayBans I was drooling over but my rascal of a friend, Melissa, bought the last pair!

Fendi sunnies, i.e. my new babies- my first pair of designer sunglasses, €110

All Saints

I’ll be 100% honest, All Saints isn’t somewhere I would shop in Belfast, purely because I can’t afford t-shirts that cost £100. But, when I spotted these shoes, I couldn’t resist the bargain. There were a pair of boots I wanted as well but they were sold out in my size; cry for me, please.

Woven heals, €60

Animal Print purse, €4 (I know, I couldn’t believe it either. All Saints had some of the best discounts.)

Calvin Klein

My impulse buy as I made my way back to the coach. Calvin Klein underwear is by far the most comfortable that I own. Completely worth that extra splurge!

4 pairs of underwear for €30


Rumour has it, Kildare Village has even more discounts in the lead up to Christmas. I still have money left on my voucher so I will be making my way back down.

I couldn’t recommend Kildare Village enough! The staff were amazing and went above and beyond to make our day so fabulous. The food was tasty, even though I could’ve eaten more goodies if I had the time! The shops and brands they have to offer are the best I’ve ever seen!


If you make a trip down, let me know what you spend your wages on!



Katie x

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