Asda’s Tickled Pink Campaign

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month and will see a huge range of campaigns raising money, awareness and turning everything Tickled Pink. Find out the product you can buy in Asda and donate money to charity at the same time! 

The Tickled Pink Campaign

“One woman every eight minutes is diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK.” A terrifying yet all too real figure. Through the month, Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign will focus heavily on supporting the awareness and work of two leading breast cancer charities; Breast Cancer Now and Breast Cancer Care. Money from goods purchased in the range will be donated to both charities, aiding the key research involved in saving women’s lives.

What to Buy…

Household Goods

Has washing the dishes, having a shower and brushing your teeth ever looked so good? I’ll take the lot.


There’s something about the pink packaging that makes these products even more appealing? Unfortunately I can’t eat Special K (gluten filled), but I’m tempted to buy it because the box is pretty.


Can I have them all? If I don’t have plans in the evening, I live in my pyjamas from the minute I get home from work and the Tickled Pink range is what my dreams are made of!


Including THAT pink coat, a handy shopper and the cutest bobble hat ever, there is lots to choose from at George at Asda.



Head to Asda ASAP before it all sells out and donate to the Tickled Pink campaign!



Katie x

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