Choosing Every Day Pieces from Jewellery Box

Rings, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, nose rings, you name it, Jewellery Box have it. What’s even better is the fact that their products are made from Sterling Silver so no green fingers or necks!

I have a few pieces from Jewellery Box that I genuinely wear every week if not every day. There’s nothing better than a piece of good quality, timeless jewellery that can be worn over and over without it going out of fashion.

The Initial Necklace

Layered with other delicate necklaces or even alone, the letter necklace is a staple accessory you need in your jewellery box.

Stacking Rings

Imagine, affordable stacking rings that won’t turn green, eekkk! I wear my Jewellery Box rings every day!

Infinity Hoop Bracelet

The infinity sign; it’ll either be tattooed on your body somewhere or you’ll have it on some form of jewellery. In my case, it’s a small chain bracelet.


I used to wear anklets ALL THE TIME when I was younger because I was trying to be a cool surfer girl (lol). This delicate chain is such a classy piece!

Other Pieces I Love

Jewellery Box have SO much to choose from, I could spend all day on their website. Below are a few bits and bobs on my wish list.

Tiny Star Hoops


Twisted and Beaded Stacking Rings


Bracelet with Leaves 


I hope you enjoy the Jewellery Box products as much as I do!


Katie x

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