Hunkemoller Shapewear Review

Is there anything worse than feeling uncomfortable in a dress you’ve wanted to wear for ages? The girls and I were discussing the fact that we don’t think we will ever be completely happy and comfortable in our bodies, no matter how hard we work. I tried the scuba bodysuit from Hunkemoller Shapewear Range to decide whether or not they’re worth the spend. 

I love browsing the Hunkemoller website. Their lingerie ranges are so beautiful along with their swimwear and nightwear, so you can imagine I was excited to receive a gift from their shapewear range.

I went for the Scuba Figure Control Body because it was probably the most practical to wear under clothes and over bras.


This isn’t your normal bodysuit; it literally felt like putting a wetsuit on, which in conclusion is a good thing because it sucked my lumps and bumps in.

Wearing it under a bodycon dress was a God send. It made me feel more comfortable and confident, apart from my legs bulging out of the leg holes but that’s my own fault for choosing pizza over squats.


There is so much to choose from in the Shapewear range and to be honest, it is reasonably enough priced if we compare it to Spanx or an insanely priced brand like Suit Your Fancy. It didn’t squeeze in every single lump and bump which makes me want to get back to the gym, but as I said before, will I ever be happy with my body? As women, we are SO HARD on ourselves, no thanks to social media, but brands like Hunkemoller are helping us to embrace what we have been hashtag blessed with.



Katie x

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