Trying ‘The Fuschia Effect’ Make-Up

I was kindly invited to meet some of The Fuschia Effect team and try some of their latest and top selling products. 

The Fuschia Effect is an Irish make-up brand I had spotted on a lot of MUA’s Instagram accounts over the past few months so obviously I had to find out what all the hype was about!


Buff and Glow Mineral Make Upthe kit includes a mini buff brush, a small mineral powder foundation, a small rice powder pot and a small blush powder. To be honest, I have always avoided mineral foundations because of their minimal coverage – I’ve written a number of times about my red complexion that I aim to hide. I was hesitant to use this foundation on a day when my diary was full and I had events to run to after work so I decided to test it on a quiet day that I wouldn’t have to worry if it wore off. Using two layers to create a fuller coverage look, I was pleasantly surprised by this mineral foundation. I have used it most days for work when I don’t have events to go to because it feels so light on my skin and I’m not having to powder lots throughout the day. Mineral powder foundation still isn’t something I would spend a lot of money on because it doesn’t give me the full coverage I would like but I am happy to use this particular product until it runs out. I set the foundation with the tiny pot of rice powder and thought it really worked as a setting powder but I did have to use the buff brush later in the day to calm my shiny skin. I found if I had to buff the foundation more than once, the texture started to change and become patchy, but that could be because of my oiliness.


ConcealerI tried the concealer with both my normal foundation and the mineral powder foundation to test how it sat with both. Result? It looked really nice with both! I’m really impressed with this concealer and would definitely recommend it if anyone was looking for something new to try.


Lip Glossoh my word. I have been sick of wearing lipglosses that have a sticky consistency or that end up drying and making my lips flaky. Fuschia’s lipgloss is a God send! If you buy one product after reading this post, make it this one. I cannot recommend it enough and the colour is perfect for everyday wear.


Paradise Eyeshadow Palette a number of bloggers from Northern Ireland were gifted this palette and I’ll be honest, I was so jealous. The eyeshadow colours were perfect for the summer to autumn transition and the looks make up artists were creating were beautiful! I was delighted when I found it in my goodie bag after meeting the Fuschia team so obviously played with it straight away and I was not disappointed; it was worth the wait! The quality of the formula is one you would expect from a designer make up brand. The eyeshadows are so easy to work with, blending through and mixing colours to create more autumnal shades.  The Fuschia Effect have released their new ‘Quad’ eyeshadow palettes in time for the Christmas party season and I am dying to try them as well!



As a brand, I think The Fuschia Effect are amazing! The quality of the make up is something I would expect to pay a lot more money for. Plus, the team are fab!

Have you tried The Fuschia Effect Make Up yet?



Katie x



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