Dermaplaning – Answering The Most Asked Questions About The Popular Facial

The most sought after facial of the year. I can confirm it’s worth the hype. Ever since I had the facial, I have told everyone I see to feel my face (probably not a good idea bacteria-wise) and have been obsessed with how well my make-up sits and how fresh, smooth and healthy my skin looks.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the steps taken during Dermaplaning, as well as the amount of hair, oil and dead skin that came off my face! I squealed a little bit when Louise from LH Beauty in Holywood told me she was launching Dermaplaning in her salon. I’ve gone to Louise for my eyebrow appointments for the past five or six months and call her a ‘queen’ at least once a week because my brows have never been in such good nick! I’ll be referring to Louise pricing and the specific advice I was given.


What is the main aim of Dermaplaning? What are the benefits?

Originally, the attraction for me was the fact it removed the fuzzy facial hair we all have. However, after speaking to Louise, I realised there was so much more to it! As well as removing the annoying fuzzy hair, Dermaplaning gets rid of layers and layers of dead skin which allows for the release of more natural oils, the extraction of blackheads, opening and unclogging of pores and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines!


Does your hair grow back like stubble and darker?

NO! This was my most asked question and everyone’s biggest fear. You do not grow a beard after having this treatment. I had fluffy blonde hairs which really bothered me when light hit them but I know I’m not the only one. We all have light facial hair, it’s natural.


Does it hurt? What does it feel like?

Absolutely not. Yes there is a knife being scraped across your face, but believe me, Louise is fully trained and obviously I trust her with thread, wax and scissors near my face so she had my full trust with Dermaplaning (teehheee). If you go to another beautician and aren’t sure, just ask about training. When the scalpel reached my jawline/ lower cheeks where the majority of my fluffy hair was, it sounded like a butter knife on soft toast, LOL! It’s the only way I could describe the sound!


What skin-types is Dermaplaning suitable for?

Thankfully, it’s suitable for all skin-types! Unless you have a recent acne breakout, you can have this facial. I have oily skin and have noticed fine lines forming as well as my fluffy hair which I was dying to get sorted out. My nose would have a lot of blackheads and my pores would be very congested. After my facial my pores were cleared and as many blackheads as possible were scraped away.

How much does it cost?

When I first saw people I follow on Instagram having this done, I assumed it was going to be pricey, maybe over £100? Oh how I was wrong! Dermaplaning alone only costs £40 and each treatment (optional) thereafter is £10. There are a few additional options you can add on once the Dermaplaning is complete. It is recommended (by me) that you try a sheet mask to hydrate your skin that little bit more after Dermaplaning. The sheet mask is reusable and has serum in the packaging that you can use in the days following your facial.  In addition, Louise will be offering LED treatment masks – you know, the ones Kourtney Kardashian uses and looks terrifying in? There is an LED setting for different usages, for instance, one for anti-wrinkle targeting, one for skin prone to break-outs, one for tired skin.


Step By Step Guide





Have you considered Dermaplaning? Hopefully this post helped you decide!



Katie x



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