Sub-Zero Meets Carnival

O.M.G. I met Mmmmitchell at his BPerfect Masterclass eekkk! I thought it was appropriate to use the Sub-Zero Highlight Palette for the event as well as the trusty Carnival Palette on my eyes. Enjoy!

Step by Step

As always, start with a fresh, already prepped face. I upped my skincare game in the last six months and splurged on some fab products which I’ll share in a different post.

Once primed, apply foundation. For events or nights out, I always mix Milani with Urban Decay All Nighter for extra coverage. I was kindly sent Sharleen Collins Cosmetics Luxury Brush Collection and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a brush set so much! I applied my foundation with the stippling brush and added concealer under my eyes which I patted down with a beauty blender.



Set your foundation with your favourite powder. I highly recommend AirSpun, set with the Sharleen Collins Powder Brush.



Lightly contour and bronze. I recently started using Sculpted by Aimee Connolly, Rose Gold Edition and haven’t looked back! I used Aimee’s first Sculpted palette when it came out and never got round to replacing it, so when I found the Rose Gold Edition in a goodie bag from an event I was buzzing!


The fun part – highlight like there’s no tomorrow. I like to mix a few of the Sub Zero highlights such as Babely and Lifestyle to give that extra glow.


The stressful part – for me anyway. I love playing with eyeshadow palettes but when it comes to deciding which colours to mix without looking like a clown, I lose it. I went with the three purple shades and ‘Naked’ the nude on the top line of the BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival Palette.


Finish with some blusher – I used Nars, applied with the blush brush from Sharleen Collins.


Lashes, liner and run off to do your hair et voila, you’re ready to meet the biggest make-up artist of the year!


Look at how cute he is!!

I LOVED Mitchell’s Masterclass, held in the Westbury Hotel, Dublin. I find it so interesting how so many make-up artists use different techniques and tricks to complete their top looks.



Katie x



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