January Sales Haul

I told myself I wouldn’t buy much in January because I’m supposed to be saving to move away at some point this year, but once a shopping addict, always a shopping addict.

The Bargain Hunting Queen within me came alive when I saw those pink price tags in Topshop and red re-pricing on Nasty Gal. Proudly, I sent a few things back because they were quite obvious panic buys that I clearly didn’t need – or look at judging by the shape of them.


Having worked there for years, I knew to hold off for a couple of weeks after the sale had started because prices drop even further. Boy was I lucky! I had a voucher from Christmas, bought 3 dresses and a hat with an extra 20% off sale items, resulting in £17 worth of goodies coming home with me!

Velvet slip dress, £10

Polka dot bodycon, £7

Stripe midi dress, £7

pink and orange dress

Leather beret, £3

black pvc beret

Nasty Gal

Polka dot shorts, £6 – sent back

polka dot shorts

Denim dress, £6 – sent back


Polka dot midi dress, £12


I have been on the hunt for a camel blazer for MONTHS! None of the blazers I had seen online before Christmas tickled my fancy. However, I came across this little beauty on Bershka when I was having a nosey and fell in love. I’m going to do a ‘How to Wear’ blog post about it later in the month but also want to save it for nice photos in London next month – you see my dilemma?

Camel blazer, £19.99

camel blazer

Marks and Spencer

I. Love. These. They won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I think they have a sprinkle of Manolo Blahnik and look a lot more expensive than they were!

Velvet mules, £15



Hope you enjoyed!


Katie x



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