Trends to Expect in Spring Summer ’19

Last week saw the launch of Belfast Fashion’s Spring Summer ’19 press launch in Panama Cafe, Belfast. Although it was 0º outside, inside there were the glamourous tropical surroundings, a launch filled with bright colours and what to should expect in terms of fashion trends in the coming months.

What I Wore

I had a manic week of moving house, therefore there was no time/ money to buy a new outfit. Thank goodness for this dreamy two-piece I had treated myself to for Christmas Day. The satin blouse and skirt (sold out) are from Topshop and two of my best buys of 2018.

I suppose the girls and I all accidentally turned up sporting some Spring Summer trends! Melissa in a boilersuit, Aisling in neutrals and me in animal print.

melissa riddell, aisling gallagher, katie andrew

Trends to Look Out For


The cutest trend of all. I’ve already spotted lots of patchwork dresses on ASOS so this trend won’t be too difficult to follow!


Corduroy and Neutrals 

Yay! 70s meets minimalist…maybe not with the bright pink cardigan but you know what I mean. I’m really looking forward to seeing how people style their corduroy outfits.



A cream, cord boilersuit has been on my wishlist for a month now so the Belfast Fashion Week launch finalised my decision when one of the models strutted her stuff in a blue version.


Pops of Neon

I’m starting to warm to the idea of this. When I first read that neon colours were returning, I panicked, thinking I’d have to get legwarmers out! But no, no, we’re safe enough with the bright pops worn subtly enough.


Animal Print Continues 

Yep, that’s correct, animal prints aren’t going anywhere just yet. Instead of the standard cheetah and snake prints, we’ll be seeing more prints such as cow print (moooo-ve over snakes – sorry, I had to) and zebra print clothing – as modeled by Kate Grant.

kate grant

What trends are you looking forward to? I can’t wait for cords and more animal print!

Want to attend this season’s Belfast Fashion Week? Buy your tickets here



Katie x





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