Dermalogica and Their Extensive Range of Skincare Products

In 2018, I joined Dermalogica‘s Skinfluencer programme which allowed me to try out their products every other month. Let me tell you, it’s a massive treat to get a skincare package through the door when your skin is feeling dehydrated and in need of some TLC.

What Products Did I Try and What Were My Thoughts?



Trying to avoid being lazy and removing make-up with face wipes is difficult when you just want to be make-up free after a long day at work. Instead of using wipes, I turned to the Pre-Cleanse and haven’t looked back! This is a truly impressive product. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean before cleansing.


Special Cleansing Gel

Big fan, big fan! I used this daily and truly saw a difference in my skin, in terms of less breakouts and a clearer complexion. My heart broke when I found it open, upside down in my skincare basket 😦 no more Special Cleansing Gel.


Daily Microfoliant

I had previously heard a few people say this was their holy grail of skincare, but I beg to differ. I found it very drying after using it, especially using it daily as stated in the title. This one wasn’t for me. Read more about it here.


Skin Smoothing Cream

Now this is my holy grail. I’ve always found it difficult to decide on a moisturiser that wasn’t greasy or too light. Even though my skin is quite oily, changes in the weather really effect the texture of it. When I was sent the Smoothing Cream I knew it was the one after a couple of uses! Highly recommend.


Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask

Fizz masks were a big thing in 2018 and if this wasn’t on your ‘to try’ list last year then add it to your 2019 one. It’s so satisfying when you rub the cream lotion in and watch/hear it turn to fizziness (definitely not a word) on your skin! Check it out here.


Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment 

I haven’t had a major breakout in years. I’d get a few spots around my cheeks if I eat gluten and my chin and jaw area around the time of my monthly flow (who else calls it that?) I find it hard to judge spot clearing gels because I just see them disappear by themselves? However, Caolan used this for his breakouts and it seemed to calm any whoopers down overnight. Read more about it here.

Breakout Clearing Booster

Caolan also used this more than I did, but when I used it I loved it! It’s so handy to have something on your bedside table that you can apply when you feel a spot rising. I would recommend this if you’re prone to breakouts. To be honest, it was better than the overnight treatment. Check it out here.

Multi-Active Toner

Spritz spritz and you’re done! I LOVE toners with a spritz nozzle and this is one of my ‘top toners’. It has such a cool, refreshing feeling when applied. I would recommend wearing the Dermalogica headband to cover the front of your hair, avoiding the toner being sprayed over it! Check it out here.

Solar Defense SPF50

Ever since I had the Dermaplaning facial (read about it here), I have been OBSESSED with SPFs. I didn’t realise how important they were, even if you live in one of the coldest countries with the crappest weather @me. No matter how strong the sun is, your skin is still being affected by it. The light from your phone and computer has such a huge impact on your skin which freaks me out so much. Therefore, to prevent any further damage, I’ve been using the Solar Defense for months. It doesn’t feel heavy and remain white like sun cream would. I would 100% recommend this to everyone!

Advent Calendar, 12 Days of Glow

Oh. My. Word. I was more than delighted to find this posted through my door in December. The box included 12 mini products, perfect if you’re heading away for the weekend and don’t want to take your full sized goods. This is a great pre-Christmas gift if you are trying to cut out chocolate and need some new skincare goodies. It’s definitely worth the money. Check it out here.


Have you ever used Dermalogica products?



Katie x


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