Trip To London – Style Diary

Yep, another tripped to London ticked off my list. I just love the city SO much and spending time with friends who live there just makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy!

London is obviously a very fashionable city and I was going with two of my most fashionable friends so I wanted to wear some of my favourite pieces. I forgot to get photos of a couple of outfits – failing as a blogger!

What I wore


I am absolutely obsessed with this two piece lounge set from MissPap. Although London is only an hour on a plane, I always think you should wear something comfortable enough for travelling.


I packed three slip skirts for four days in London and forgot to take a photo of the other two! R.A.G.I.N.G. This is the ever popular Topshop slip skirt that everyone and their Granny owns right now.

Wicked and Cocktails

This velvet slip dress has featured in a previous blog post (read it here). It’s the perfect dress for a night out or date night, especially with a belt that can be loosened if you eat too much!

Exploring Camden Market and Shoreditch 

Two of my favourite areas in London. I bought this Bershka boilersuit when I was over and couldn’t wait to wear it!


I’ve worn this I Saw It First dress sooooo many times, but it’s cute AF so I don’t care. I’ve styled it differently each time but this grunge vibe was my favourite so far!


There you have it. A short and sweet blog post. Really hope you enjoyed!



Katie x

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