The National Supper Club

The National Belfast, have re-opened it’s brand spanking new doors after a renovation! They have recently launched their own ‘Supper Club’ which sees a tasty new menu on the first Monday of each month. I was kindly invited to ‘Get It India’ to see what the hype was about.

*I took great pleasure in the pun ‘Get It India’* Indian food is one of my favourite styles and – spoiler alert – The National did not disappoint!

The Menu


Bottomless Bombay Punch was served throughout the evening to wash down each dish.


Course 1 – Samphire Bhajis with Mango Chutney


Onion bhajis are one of my favourite dishes in Indian restaurants. The Samphire essence wasn’t overpowering and the fresh mango chutney was light and refreshing!


Course 2 – Dahl with Malabar Parotta (or tortilla for the gluten-free people like me)


I really want to find out the recipe for this dahl because it was delightful! If the portion was slightly smaller it would have been the perfect amount! I had crispy tortilla wraps to dip in mine instead of the gluten filled Malabar Parotta (which also looked incred).


Course 3 – Aubergine, Yoghurt and Curry Leaf


Aubergine is one of the few vegetables I eat a lot of. My parents and Caolan have never really cooked with it and I’m feeling deprived because it was soooo tasty in this dish.


Course 4 – Bombay Potatoes


Feeling full even writing about these! Seasoned with fresh ingredients and cooked perfectly, the Bombay potatoes were some of the best ever!


Course 5 – Nagaland Pork Curry with Braised Rice


Honestly, when I saw the size of the plate of curry being set in front of me, I could have cried. The Bombay potatoes sent my stomach over the bloated edge. I only had a few mouthfuls of the curry. Don’t get me wrong, the few mouthfuls I had were full of spices and flavour, I’m just sad I couldn’t push myself to eat the full thing. If the curry was in the same size of dish as the aubergine and yoghurt was in, it would have been perfect.


Course 6 – Orange and Cardamon Set Cream


I completely contradicted my fullness and ate the whole dessert, but I truly believe I have a separate stomach for desserts. When I read set cream I expected it to be rich and heavy but it was the opposite. The orange still gave a refreshing hint and the creaminess was an absolute delight! Another dish I’ll be searching recipes for.


The next Supper Club theme is “The Rio Deal”, check out more here. The menu looks amazing and completely different to the usual eatery offers in Belfast!



Katie x




(I was invited to the supper club for a free meal in return for coverage)

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