Moving to a New City

I’m moving! If you don’t follow any of my social media channels (why not), you’ll not know this!

This weekend, I’ll be packing up my life and moving to Dublin. The excitement cannot be contained for much longer! Dublin is one of my favourite cities and the fact that it’s going to be my new home brings me so much joy!

The Job

I’m a very career focused kind of gal. I don’t want to settle for any old job just to make money; I want to enjoy what I do and succeed in my career path.

For the past two years, I have worked as a Communications Intern for Belfast Harbour.  When I applied for an internship, I had no idea what to expect. I had worked in retail for almost five years so moving to an office job was a whole different ball game! With two years under my belt, I am so grateful I was employed as an intern. Belfast Harbour were an amazing company to work for and gave me the experience I needed to further my career. Internships can be a scary prospect because people assume they aren’t paid, however, in Northern Ireland most of them are. I was being paid more as an intern than I was being paid as a full time Creative Assistant in Topshop!

With my internship coming to an end, I thought it was time to start looking for something new and in a new location, because to be honest, I’ve been very bored of Belfast for a long time. Although Dublin is only two hours away, it’s a more progressive and forward thinking city which is exactly what I need!

The new job? I’ve been employed as the Communications Assistant for Pharma Nord, Ireland. My new role will take on new challenges and a lot more marketing which I’m really looking forward to! Pharma Nord are a pharmaceutical company, founded in Denmark in 1981. It is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of products with essential nutrients. Having a genuine passion for health and well-being was key for the role because I’ll be marketing products to people in need of nutrients they might not be obtaining in their daily diets. I’ll be working alongside a number of nutritionists and eventually organising events; so flipping exciting!

New City, New Home

The idea of moving to a new city has been on my mind for years and now it’s finally happening! Finally stepping in the right direction. As I said above, it’s only two hours away so it’s not like I’m moving to Australia (Oz has never appealed to me) but it’s still exciting af to have a fresh start and new possibilities.

I’m moving in with Caolan’s sister, Aoife and her fiance, Peter, for a little while until I find my feet which I am beyond appreciative of! Plus, they both love red wine and crime dramas so it’ll be dreamy. Dublin rent prices are terrifying so sharing rent for a couple of months will help me save for when Caolan moves down and it’s time for us to find our own place.

Obviously I will continue blogging and hopefully take off a bit more because there is a bigger market for it in Dublin. My blog is so important to me and a stress relief; I love it so much! Saving has been a big focus for a few months so I haven’t bought as much which means less fashion blog posts. April is a no-spend month for me so the outfits posted will probably have been seen before but hey-ho! I’ll try and recreate some new looks with old clothes for a blog post when I get the chance.


I don’t know how many times it’s possible to say I’M EXCITED in one blog post but, you know… I’m excited!!!



Katie x

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