Spring Time Make-Up Tutorial – Current Favourite Products

I haven’t talked about my current favourite make-up products in ages! Enjoy a little update…

Over the past few months, I’ve avoided using primers before foundation. After a skin consultation, the fear of God was put into me, to be honest. In-depth photos of my skin were taken on a huge machine which showed how blocked my pores were, sun damage and redness. Pamela from Rejouir Skin Clinic informed me the reason for my blocked pores could be to do with the fact I use mattifying primers and fake tan on my face on a regular basis. Therefore, from now on, in make-up tutorial posts you’ll notice I don’t use primers. Instead I have a brand new skincare routine (which I’ll be posting about in the coming weeks) that allows me to hydrate my skin and cleanse to a level that means I don’t need a mattifying primer.


The Products Used

Step 1 – Begin with a fresh face. 

I’ve been using Image Skincare products for a few months and they have given my skin a new lease of life! Even Louise (my eyebrow queen) noticed a positive change in my skin. I won’t go into detail about the products in this post because they deserve one all to themselves.



Step 2 – The foundation everyone needs to own! 

I’ve used Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation as my ‘going out’ base for years. The coverage is fab and it lasts all night – funny enough!

Step 3 – Set your foundation with the best powder ever. 

It has been talked about in multiple blog posts…AirSpun is a winner all round.

Step 4 – Both eyeshadow brands have been in my make-up bag for over a year and I love them! 

I used two of the lighter brown shades in the Mac palette, blended together on my lids. The NYX single eyeshadow is used on my lower lash line to brighten my eyes and I LOVE it. Unfortunately I can’t find a link for the exact colour though 😦

Step 5 – A newbie to my make-up bag! 

Bare Minerals was never a brand I thought I’d buy because I just assumed the coverage would be too powdery and light for my skin. But you know what they say, don’t assume because it makes an ass out of u and me. This is the Bare Minerals Invisible Bronzer  and I’m obsessed. I always get nervous about paying lots for bronzers incase they look too grey on my face but this one is perfectly tanned! For brows, I used my usual Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade.

Step 6 – My favourite lip combo.

Nude? Who’d have guessed it?! I used LA Girl Precision Liner in Satin Plum and Jamie Genevieve’s lipstick shade for Mac.

Step 7 – Your look is complete! 



I’ve missed doing posts like this! Hopefully I can get round to doing more in the coming months.



Katie x



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