What’s Made It’s Way Into My Wardrobe Since The Move?

I told myself I wasn’t buying clothes in April…that failed on my birthday because you know, “treat yo’selffff”. Moving into May, I wasn’t going to buy anything again but all of my willpower goes out the window when I step foot in Penney’s!

Savida at Dunnes Stores

I was kindly invited into Dunnes Stores’ head office to have a little preview of some of the upcoming Savida collection. All I’m saying is, pray for you bank accounts because there are some absolutely MUST HAVE pieces hitting stores in the coming weeks. The items below were #gifted.

The Cutest, Most Bloat Allowing Dress Ever

I’m truly obsessed with this dress. Pair with a leather jacket and boots for day drinks, or with sandals and a woven bag for holidays!  Find it here


Girly Cow Girl

Sorry but, Savida have created some of the cutest dresses ever…yes??? Again, I. Am. Obsessed. Find it here


Shine Bright Like a Neon Sign – sorry Rihanna, diamonds aren’t as bright as this top

I didn’t think I would ever be on-board with the neon trend but I am HERE for it! Starting with this fab little vest top, available in non-neon colours too! Not in stock online yet 😦


Shop the Savida collection here – don’t blame me if you buy a new wardrobe, please!



I’m going to say it…Penney’s in Dublin is better than any Primark I’ve ever shopped in. Honestly, it is so difficult to leave without buying something and to be fair, it’s not breaking the bank so don’t judge.

Bodysuit and Shorts

I hunted for these shorts for what felt like forever. Last weekend, the hunt ended in success! They were only around €13 and the bodysuit was in sale for €3! The sandals are also from Penney’s and only €8.

Little White Dress

This was a panic buy. I was heading to an event that’s dress code was “dress to impress in white”. At €13 I didn’t want to risk not bringing it and having to wear a very old, boring dress that had appeared on my Instagram multiple times. It’ll be perfect for the holiday that isn’t booked yet!

Floral Blouse

Pretty sure that €13 is the most expensive price you’ll pay in Penney’s? Guess how much this top was!


It’s not easy to say Boohoo without singing the “boohoo.com” from their adverts. I was very kindly #gifted some gorgeous pieces from Boohoo – happy dance, screech, omgomgomg.

The Most Beautiful Print of The Year

This print can make any outfit look so expensive. it reminds me of a past Dolce and Gabbana trend.  Find it here

Girls Hair Slide 

Are you a fan of the reappearance of the hair clip/ slide trend? Because I am LOVING it! Find it here


Perfect Day Drinks Top

Hmm, twice in one blog posted I’ve thought an outfit is perfect for day drinks, what do I like to do at the weekend? Find it here



I really hope you enjoyed having a little nosey into my newest wardrobe babies!

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Katie x




(Boohoo and Savida clothing is #gifted. There are some affiliate links used.)

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