The Evolution of Rag Revolution

Ever seen a dress you need in your life, you’ll probably only wear it once and it costs more than your rent? Rag Revolution is a new brand changing your life for the better.

What is it?

Rag Revolution is my new favourite place to look for an event/ special occasion outfit! I am the worst for re-wearing; I struggle to keep wearing the clothes in my wardrobe unless they are styled differently (unless it’s jeans or basics). I feel like followers get bored of seeing my outfits twice so I’ll sell my clothes on Depop or eBay after a few wears. The brand has also taken on-board the fact that Irish women are becoming more conscious about fast fashion and sustainability when it comes to buying clothes.

“Rag Revolution is a sustainable fashion rental service aiming to empower women by giving them the opportunity to rent and wear their favourite brands. We saw a gap in the Irish market for a sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable way to wear something new for every occasion.”

Rag Revolution is owned by blogger (and friend), Nelly Says aka Edel.


What brands can you find?

Sought after brands such as Rixo, Reformation and Self-Portrait. Once the brand grows, the stock/ brands will grow too, so fret not, you’ll have a lot more options in the coming months!


Where to find it

You can find them at


Shop the looks here

Follow them on Instagram


After launching almost two weeks, Rag Revolution has truly taken off! I genuinely believe they will succeed and become a huge deal in the Irish market and hopefully further afield some day. I’m so excited to see to see what’s to come!

Will you consider renting outfits rather than spending hundreds on a dress you’ll wear once?



Katie x



(This is not a sponsored post, I just adore the concept and brand)

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