Full Face of Phoera Products: Review and Tutorial

Hey there, remember me? It’s been a while. Work and my social life got the better of me! I’m back with a review of make-up brand, Phoera. Hope you enjoy!

I was kindly gifted a number of products from Phoera and what better way to share them than a blog post filled with thoughts!

Step By Step

Step 1 – Pore Invisible Face Primer

The bottle is teeny tiny but I found that you only need one pump of the primer to cover your face. Big fan! View it here

Step 2 – Soft Matte Long Wear Foundation

I requested a darker shade than I would normally wear because I needed a darker foundation for when I’m wearing fake tan. This foundation was the perfect shade but after I had applied it, it oxidised and got slight darker in certain patches, however I was able to correct it with my blending sponge. View it here

Step 3 – Concealer

I used the concealer under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose and my chin. It needed a lot of blending but once it was warmed up it sat beautifully. View it here

Step 4 – Doux Setting Powder

Oh my word. My new favourite setting powder. I’ve used it multiple times since my first time trying it and I cannot get over how well it sets my make up for the day! View it here

Step 5 – Bronze, Highlight, Blush, Brows and Mascara

I used my everyday products from my make up bag, nothing new to report!

Step 6 – Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

The shade of the Velvet Lipstick is Cashmere which reminded me of the Lime Crime one I had years ago! I love love love the colour and it isn’t too drying which is a plus. View it here

Et Voila!

There you have it, a full face (almost) of Phoera.

Have you ever tried the brand’s products?

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Katie x

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