Reflecting on 2019 Goals and Making More for 2020

Happy New Decade! Almost halfway through the first month, can I still say Happy New Year? At the beginning of last year I wrote a blog post, Calling Bull on the Same Old New Year’s Resolutions. I’m reviewing the blog post and talking about last year’s goals and the new goals I’ve set for myself in 2020.


The Goals Set in 2019

The below were set in line with becoming a happier and more successful person. 

  • Take my blog to the next level – this didn’t really happen, but for good reason. Blog ideas can dry up and other things in life can take over. I suppose I put trying to achieve other goals in front of this one. 
  • Stop listening to what other people want for me and do want I want for myself – developed a ‘can’t be arsed’ attitude. More-so towards the end of 2019, I stopped caring as much if people were being arsey or trying to get their own way. It’s better off caring more about what you think of yourself rather than what other’s think of you.
  • Find a city I love – done, tick, check. In April, I moved to Dublin, although to a job which turned out to be a shambles (to explain this, I’d need to record a video lol), I found a city I love being in, exploring and working in.
  • Finally move on with my career into something I am passionate about and interested in – finally, finally, finally, achieved! I’m telling myself that the job I had when I first moved to Dublin was a stepping stone. To be honest, I didn’t gain any experience career wise because it wasn’t marketing (I was led to believe it was a marketing job but it was more skivvy/ admin). It got me to Dublin and get sorted before a new opportunity came along. Now, I work for a company who are amazing to their staff, happy to give me opportunities and the responsibility to take on projects I think could benefit the business. 


2020 Goals

  • Hit 10k followers on Instagram – I’d say it’s every blogger/ influencers goal to grow their following. I would LOVE to hit 10k before my birthday in April. I’ve been spending weekends taking outfit photos to use throughout the week because having a full-time job means I leave for work when it’s dark and get home when it’s dark, therefore, photo content is not up to scratch! 
  • Sign with an agency in Dublin – I think I would have to achieve the above goal before this happens. Being signed with an agency would create more opportunities and open more doors!
  • Start creating video content – IGTV and YouTube. Since starting my blog, readership has dropped, but I know I’m not the only blogger experiencing this. People don’t have the same patience they used to and more and more individuals are watching videos instead. I studied Moving Image Arts in school so it won’t be a whole new ball game when it comes to editing. In fairness I miss being able to play around with video!
  • Continue to work with brands I love and produce more sponsored posts – one of the perks of my blog has been the chance to earn a little bit extra every few months. I will only do sponsored posts for brands I genuinely like and use. For instance, I recently did a campaign with BlanX Toothpaste, a brand I’ve used for years! I helped promote their new O3X teeth whitening toothpaste and whitening strips. I’d love to continue doing sponsored posts and eventually make videos for brands to be used on Instagram and YouTube, so we’ll see how these two goals bond together! I’m happy to continue to work for brands I love on a gifting basis as always, but there comes a stage when a brand can ask a bit too much for free (e.g. “can we have a blog post, 3 social media posts and 5 Instagram stories by this deadline) which is when I’ll suggest working together in partnership, i.e. paid.
  • To be invited on my first press trip – pretty sure all of the above goals would need to be reached before this happens, but keeping a positive mental attitude!


I appreciate that my 2020 goals are all related to my blog, but that’s because my 2019 goals were more about my career and moving forward in that aspect of life. I really want 2020 to be a big achievement year in terms of blog objectives.


I’m truly at my happiest. Having plans in place for 2020 is so motivating, I’m aiming for this to be my biggest and busiest year yet. Realising I put a lot of pressure on myself which is probably where my periods of anxiety stem from, I snap out of that particular mood a lot more (not all the time but more than before), leading to more work getting done, more motivation and feeling calmer and content. 


Katie x


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