Starting Something New

I’m back! I took an accidental break from writing on my blog and the guilt has truly got to me. I wanted to fill you in on why I haven’t been writing as much…

First of all, I wanted to start by sending my love and thoughts to everyone during this horrendously strange time the world is currently going through. Never did I think the year could go so badly. BUT, we are not alone in this. I’m not sure the world has ever been shaken so much by the same thing. If anyone needs any advice or tips on how you can prevent the spread of Covid 19, click here to read the HSE’s (Ireland’s healthcare system) website.


Reason one I have been quiet is because I have been focusing on my job and getting my head down with work. Reason two is below.

Video Content Creation

In my New Years blog post (you can read it here) I mentioned that one of my goals for 2020 was to begin creating video content. Well, that goal can be ticked off my list! I started a YouTube channel and have started making a few more IGTV videos on the ‘gram.

Making videos takes a lot longer than sitting down to write a blog, however, I think some topics translate a lot better through video rather than writing. I have created a few vlogs including my trip to Barcelona, my trip to London and a week with a few events.

Growing a following on YouTube has been a lot harder than I thought it would be! A couple of my very supportive friends shared my page when I first started it which helped grow and I am so thankful for them doing that. If anyone has any tips on how to gain more subscribers, hit me up!

If you are a fan of videos, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel here! With working from home and not exactly having a life outside the house for the next month, I have a few YouTube and blog ideas I want to get the ball rolling with.


Stay Safe!



Katie x

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