Quarantine Feels

There’s nothing I love more than getting things off my chest. Quarantine has raised so many questions for me, not only about the state of the world but about this time we’re being given at home. 

I’ve found myself having a rollercoaster of emotions during lockdown. Somedays I’m so thankful to have my health, extra time in the apartment and to be in the position I’m in. Others, I feel so guilty for not being more productive, upset for not being able to be at home with my family and forever wondering where this so-called light at the end of the tunnel is.


The Good Days

I’m in lockdown in Dublin with my boyfriend, his sister and her fiancé. We live in a lovely apartment located close to our essential services. Living with Caolán, I’m so lucky to have a lot of good days. He’s always there to cheer me up, keep me company and be an all round great sidekick.

I’m also, very, very lucky to still have my job. I’m working from home Monday to Friday at the kitchen table. Having a routine has been the best thing for keeping me busy, being as productive as possible. Mondays to Fridays are my most productive days, it’s the weekends that I begin to struggle. I’ll start work just before 9am each day, look at the time and it’s lunch time, eat lunch then resurface at 5.30/6pm!

Staying in contact with friends and family is such a pick-me-up! Each Saturday I have a zoom call with my whole family and a zoom quiz with a group of friends. We’ll catch up, have virtual drinks and have the lols.

“When we’re out of lockdown…” “when this is all over….” A lot of conversations start like this. If everyone plays their part and follows government guidelines, we’ll be out soon enough. To be honest, the past 2 months have gone so quickly. Of course some days are longer than others, but overall I can’t believe it’s almost June!



The Bad Days

Let’s face it, we all have them. We’re in the middle of a Pandemic for flip sake. Being stuck in the house, unable to see friends and family, unable to go to the office, unable to live a normal life. It’s not good for anyone’s mental health.

It’s completely ok to have bad days. When I feel my mood slipping, I try to do some activities to keep myself busy. This is so random and maybe slightly weird, but pinning new, positive quotes on my Pinterest has helped! I’ll read some and think “ugh this is so true”.

When I have bad days, I think about how well other people *look* like they’re doing, overthink, huff, and just not be positive in general. Being in lockdown and not seeing friends and family for over 2 months can take it’s toll.  I used the word “trapped” to describe it the other week and that’s exactly the feeling I have sometimes.


How I Change My Mindset

I’ll not lie, it doesn’t always work, but 90% of the time the following activities help me, hopefully they could help you too!

  • Getting things off my chest. Whether I speak to Caolán, the girls, my family or even talk on my Instagram stories, I find that talking about how I’m feeling really helps!
  • Colouring in. No, it’s not as childish as it sounds. Mindfulness colouring books are the best thing ever! I’ll take myself off to my room for a few hours and get off my phone. I got mine on Amazon!
  • Pinterest. Whether it’s outfit inspo for when quarantine is over or positive quotes to lift my mood, it’s in my top 3 apps these days. (Instagram and TikTok are the other two!)
  • Getting off my phone – as mentioned above. My screen time is going down and I’m happy about it. When I’m bored I’ll scroll for hours and that’s when my mood slips because I’ll start to compare myself to others on social media who look like they’re doing so much better than I am. Comparison is the thief of joy and I won’t let it steal anymore from me.
  • Baking. I love baking so much. I enjoy baking more than cooking and I’m not sure why! Maybe it’s seeing everyone’s face when they smell goodness coming from the oven. I’ve been baking Chocolate and Oat Cookies, Lemon Drizzle cakes and Mars Bars Rice Krispie buns. No banana bread from me, I sickened myself before lockdown even happened!
  • Yoga and meditation. When I chatted on IGS the other week, a lot of people told me they felt the same as I did and found that a short yoga session or meditation can really help. I used to do both and I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing either of these! Half an hour of meditation before bed is the way forward.
  • Try to be as positive as possible. This isn’t forever, we’ll get out of this and normality will resume in time!


How are you dealing with lockdown? Hopefully some of my tips can lend a helping hand.



Katie x

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