Thoughts and Feelings on the Year Ahead

I started thinking about this blog post at 1am on Monday night for two reasons. 1. It’s 4 years since I started this blog. 2. My mind was going into overdrive as it tends to do when I try to settle for the night. 

I wanted to share my first blog post of 2021 to note some thoughts, feelings and learnings based on the past 12 months and how I’ll be making changes and continuing to live an enjoyable life this year, so bare with me. I’m sure I’ll be stating some things you that have been flying around your head too!


Grateful for the small things I once took for granted, grateful for the people around me, grateful for being here today, grateful for the position I’m in, the list goes on! I don’t think I’ll ever take being able to freely travel, go for coffee, go out for drinks, visiting my family and friends and life in general for granted ever again. There are aspects of the pandemic I am grateful for, like being able to spend so much quality time with Caolán, working on me, saving money, growing my following and being able to think about what I want to work towards in life.

Realising Things 

In 2016, when Kylie Jenner said it was a year for “realising things” we took the piss, but in 2021 I now know what she meant. LOL! But seriously, I realised a lot in late 2020/ this month. Let’s make a list of what was included: 

  • Comparing yourself to others is going to do nothing but harm your mental health. “You are you and that is your power”.
  • There are strangers who will show more support than some of your friends.
  • Everything happens for a reason! I think I’ve become more of a believer in fate and that the universe has a plan.
  • Changes as a person isn’t a bad thing. I hope 2020 can make people think before they speak, appreciate life more and don’t be scared to change something you don’t like about yourself.
  • Manifesting and working hard go hand in hand. For instance, I don’t think you can manifest something in your career like a promotion without putting in the hard work.
  • Love yourself more, practice self-care and take time to be alone.
  • Espresso Martinis taste better when someone in a bar makes it but homemade mimosas are better x


Trying to make this a “shit sandwich” and talk about positives around this one negative. Yep, I’m frustrated…mostly about things out of my control like the pandemic and how Irish and British politicians absolutely do not do everything in their power to protect the people they are supposed to be leading. I really hope the poor decisions made my governments will make people think twice about who they’re voting to put in power. I look at friends living in Australia and New Zealand and how their lives have gone back to normal because of the tough but better decisions made by their government early last year. Yet almost a year after the pandemic began, Ireland and the UK are suffering more now than we were during the first lockdown. Bring back normality by doing whatever it takes, please. 

Spending Less Time Online 

In January, I have read 4 books which led to me spending a lot less time online. Going forward, I’m going to aim to do this every month! It has really helped me avoid my phone and swipe through Instagram thinking everyone is living a better life than me, because believe me sis, that’s not the case. Instagram is a highlight reel and most people aren’t sharing their bad moments, bad hair days, the no make-up days, how many times they’ve had an emotional breakdown because of Monday to Friday stress (me). I feel like everyone being stuck at home, having nothing to do apart from spend time online during the pandemic made attitudes more aggressive. It’s probably because people are bored, comparing themselves to others and generally not having a healthy relationship with social media. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good aimless scroll and spending time on my phone, but sometimes it’s best to step away and realise there’s more to life than the phone screen. 


Even though we’re still mid-pandemic, I’m still so excited for what’s ahead in 2021. There are a few things happening in my life that I cannot wait to share including progression in my career, friends getting married and having babies. I for one cannot wait to get the vaccine and be able to live a normal life again, including going home to my family, booking flights, being around other people without the worry of getting sick! I’m so excited to focus on the goals I have set for this year and hopefully I can share some of them soon enough. I’m excited for the future and what’s to come! 

Positive Thinking 

If like me you have read The Secret and come to wonder where the hell this book and positive thinking mindset has been all your life then buckle in! In the past, I’ve been a huge worrier but I genuinely blame my anxiety for that. However, during lockdown, I started to look at life a lot differently in terms of how I treated myself mentally (being so hard on myself and thinking everyone hated me) and physically (eating, exercise etc). I’ve also become completely obsessed with reading positive and encouraging quotes on Pinterest and Instagram. One of my favourite Instagram accounts sharing daily quotes is Little Penny Thoughts and I can’t believe it took me so long to find her! 

Shouting About My Wins

I am not and have never really been one to shout about good things happening to me. I really couldn’t give you a reason as to why but here we are. It wasn’t until my most recent review in work that myself and my manager talked about the fact I suffer from imposter-syndrome. This is something I’m keen to work on and change because I have been so lucky to have exciting things happen to me over the past few years and I’ve worked really hard on getting to where I am today, so why not take pride in that?! 

Hope you enjoyed! As I say every time I post a blog, I aim to write more blogs this year, but this time I mean it. Although more people are watching video content rather than reading, I started this blog for a reason, it’s brought me to where I am today and I want to use it as much as possible! 


Katie x 

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