Hunkemoller Shapewear Review

Is there anything worse than feeling uncomfortable in a dress you’ve wanted to wear for ages? The girls and I were discussing the fact that we don’t think we will ever be completely happy and comfortable in our bodies, no matter how hard we work. I tried the scuba bodysuit from Hunkemoller Shapewear Range to decide whether or not they’re worth the spend.  Continue reading “Hunkemoller Shapewear Review”

What I Wore on my Recent Trip to Spain

Another sunny holiday ticked off my list and the holiday blues have well and truly kicked in. My poor boyfriend was forced to take the majority of my outfit photos, as usual, so a round of applause for him, please! As well as a round of applause for myself for somehow managing to pack a week’s worth of bikinis and outfits in hand luggage. Continue reading “What I Wore on my Recent Trip to Spain”